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Who is next for Obama to denounce??

I was trying to come up with a controversial subject to write about on the very day when Obama “clinches” the needed delegates for nomination and I thought about maybe those voters (popular votes) that Hillary¬†had that are being cast aside. Then, I have no love for Hillary so I am not sure I could be objective ūüôā there.

Then I thought about the Florida and Michigan deal where the DNC screwed over the voters to give Obama a better chance but I was not able to be objective there either ūüėČ because they voters were Democrats and they should have known the DNC has been screwing with them for a long time.

I finally settled on the question of WHO will he denounce or distance himself from next. He has already dumped two controversial men of the cloth, who have been long time friends and advisors that¬†caused him problems, for HIS political good (Barack, the stain does not come out, you still have it) but those two racial whacko’s have really done their damage already.

I think it will be either Michelle Obama, she don’t really like white people either and is just as vocal about it as Wright and Pfleger (Pfleger was told by the Cardinal in Chicago to lay off of politics in the church)¬†was or as I saw on another BLOG, “he may have to distance himself from himself”.¬†All are¬†distinct¬†posibilities! Then of course it could be whoever told him that he could help his cause with the veterans and military by telling the story about his uncle freeing the prisoners from the German prison camp in WWII but told him the wrong camp name or was it it great uncle or mabe his Grandfather or maybe he should distance himself from himself as the person on the other BLOG said, and be done with it. OR HE COULD FORGET THE LIES AND TELL THE TRUTH! What a novel idea!

I guess with¬†possibles such as these, we will just have to see who it will be that next threatens Obama’s assent to his rightful position of President of The United States of America! He can’t be King of the Inited States, that was Garfield Goose when I was a teenager. I will post the winner just as soon as it happens so check back often.


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Wright Warned Obama but Obama didn’t plan for the Disaster

 The quote below is taken from CBSNEWS online. A liberal, Obama promoting website.

What they fail to say is that “Failing to plan is actually Planning to fail”. We need a President who thinks ahead, not one who waits for the shoe to drop!

“More than a year ago, Wright warned Obama and Moss that a presidential campaign made criticism of Trinity inevitable, but none of them anticipated fallout like this. Web sites and television news shows recalled Wright’s praise of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and played a greatest-hits compilation of Wright’s most incendiary comments: that Sept. 11, 2001, meant “America’s chickens are coming home to roost.” That former president Bill Clinton “did the same thing to us that he did to Monica Lewinsky.” That “racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run.” “

The comments that were played came from the DVD called “The Best of Rev. Jeremiah Wright” that is for sale through the church. The snippets are factual/ What is not factual is Obama’s initial denial that he was unaware of the controversial commentary by Rev. Wright.

What is not right is Obama’s denouncing and then justifying those anti-American and anti-white comments in his speech last week.

What is not right is Obama’s comments about his grandmother raising him and sacraficing for him and then claiming her fears “made him cringe”.

Rev. Wright put a hard racial message out with his sermons and Senator Obama backed him up and in doing so, I believe greatly damaged his credibility in both the black and white communities.

That’s my opinion!


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Obama’s Game Plan is NOT Working!!

It must be Obama‚Äôs game plan to ignore controversial subjects until they are forced out in the mainstream of the campaign. I can only surmise that this is done because he or his staff is hoping the ugliness and unpleasantness will simply disappear. It will not! One would think, by now, he would be wise to that fact and have taken steps to correct the problem. The Rezko ‚Äúsituations‚ÄĚ the Flag pin incidents, the ‚Äúpresent votes‚Ä̬† the Rev. Wright debacle and others that have shown up and probably a number that have not – YET. The impact, while still there, could have been minimized by coming out in front with an explanation instead of waiting until the bomb is dropped. However, not only has Obama chosen not to preempt the explosion and contain the damage by being pro-active, he then chooses to only reveal bits and pieces of the story, thereby making it worse when the other shoe falls.

 This is not the type of short range thinking and faulty judgment that is needed in a President. It is not needed at this time and not ever!


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Rev. Jeremiah Wright is still Wrong!

I was asked by several people to give my feelings about Obama’s speech today. I watched the entire speech. I did not see or hear any news comments on it as of this writing:

The man is an accomplished speaker, uses the right kind of words and has the ‚Äútriggers‚ÄĚ at the correct places. However, he:¬†

    1)  Spoke more about defending Wright than condemning him and/or his words. He did acknowledge that he WAS in the church at times and heard the controversial comments made by Wright. He now denounces that commentary but in a way later on in the speech he condoned it.

    2)  Spoke more about black rights and their move upward than about acceptance by whites than acceptance of whites

    3)  It seemed he forgot, at least with many of the white people I knew in business, that white people are happy to see blacks move up, work hard, get an education and succeed, many of my best employees were black.

    4)  Had many of what I would consider borderline racial comments and conclusions

5)  The speech, for a non-campaign type speech, sure had a few shots at McCain, Clinton and the Conservative media, talk show hosts and conservative population in general, espoecially toward the end.

 I could go on but in conclusion I will say he made a good speech.

He didn’t offer anything to solve the problem other than the usual rhetoric and I do not think the Rev. Wright situation nor will the Rezko situation go away.

I also still say that while I believe Ferraro was wrong in the way she either said or was interpreted, I believe she is correct. His position, his celebrity, his success in the campaign thus far IS because he is black! He pulls the great majority of black voters away from Clinton (I would expect that), he gathers support from white liberals who are trying to take the edge off their own negative racial beliefs and he energizes the young, inexperienced and possibly first time voter. Add all that to the general dislike that people have always voited for Hillary Clinton and you have a front runner who is Barack Obama!


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