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A Quote from the First Lady

Here is a quote that I culled from a recent edition of The New York Times. The first lady is defending her husband for entry into the middle east War scene. I believe it tells volumes:

“I was very proud of him, he did what he thought he was supposed to do as president based on the best intelligence he had,” she said. “And he was well aware that there would be those that would certainly criticize him for it.”

Incidentally, the First Lady in question was NOT Laura Bush but it WAS Hillary Clinton that said it, immediately after Bill Clinton, then President and Commander in Chief, commanded that  cruise missiles  be fired on targets suspected to be a terrorist camp in Afghanistan and a chemical weapons factory in Sudan.

Please notice the word SUSPECTED!

Does this ring any bells with you? Did President Bush really do any different in entering the fracas in Iraq? The one thing though that is evident that President Bush did that Bill Clinton did not have the chutzpah to do was that he continued the fight. If Bill Clinton had followed through instead of just stopping cold, MAYBE President Bush would not have had to go after the terrorists in Iraq and distroy the WMD’s. Maybe this is why Hillary always voted for the War before she voted against it. Maybe she remembered this!


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