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Joe Biden; Part time Vice President and Full Time embarrassment to AMERICA!

http://Eyeblast.tv has a video of Vice President Biden with the latest bit of obsequiousness in a speech delivered to the European Union earlier this month. (watch with caution, it may cause vomiting) If you haven’t time to watch I’ll summarize for you. “Some people say America leads the free world. But you know what has two thumbs and disagrees? This guy.”

The only other person that comes to mind that puts down America to the rest of the world as much as Joe Biden is his BOSS, yes I said his BOSS, Barack Hussein Obama. BOSS Obama pulls Biden’s strings and Biden dances and sings!

What a damn pity we are stuck with these two morons until 2012 when they each surely will be thrown out on their respective America bashing ass.


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Why Barack H. Obama picked Joe Biden as a running mate!

I have figured it out! I have wondered WHY Barack H. Obama would ever pick Joe Biden as a running mate when he had so many other unqualified but more intelligent people to chose from.

Well, here is what I can up with;  Barack H. Obama picked Joe Biden because Barack H. Obama did not want to have a running mate who was a smart as he was. Guess what, he picked the right guy! In fact, Joe Biden may actually be one of the main reasons that Barack H. Obama is not elected President on November 04,2008!

Thaink About it!


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Obama Does Not Agree!

This was sent to me in an email. In reading it, I can see it is all true as far as I know. Therefore, I am sharing it with y’all!
Walker M. Lazar
Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps, Retired

21 Reasons Why Sarah Palin Should NOT be Elected Vice-President of the United States :

1) She is a Woman.

2) She does not believe in killing babies, born or unborn.

3) She is NOT endorsed by Susan Sarandon, Jane Fonda, Rosie O’Donnell, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Geraldine Ferrara, Barbara Walters, Helen Thomas, Ellen DeGeneris, Ted Kennedy, Keith Olberman, Chris Matthews, Barbra Streisand, David Letterman, or others who fervently believe in a Woman’s Right to Choose (to kill babies).  It also should be noted that Barak Hussein Obama IS  being endorsed by the Castro brothers, Hugo Chavez the Venezuelan dictator, President Armadinejad (sic) of our friendly Iran, the corrupt government leaders of several African governments including Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, Somalia, Syrian President Hassad, and the leaders of Al Quada and Hezbolah. (L.L.O.)

4) She is married to a Foreigner–a species called ‘Native American’–meaning her five children are half breeds.

5) She has on more than one occasion expressed PRIDE in the United States of America .

6) Unlike decent, self-respecting Democrats everywhere, she has a 17-year-old daughter who became pregnant out of wedlock.

7) She is a member of the American Riflemen’s Association / actually owns firearms / and knows how to use them.

8) She has killed a moose, among other animals–and spreads the propaganda that it is hunters, through their license fees, that keep American wildlife from becoming extinct.

9) She often does her own grocery and other household shopping.

10) She drives a car, and flies a plane.

11) She chose to give birth to a defective child, rather than allow a skilled Abortion Doctor to kill it for her.

12) She refuses to apologize for seeking the termination of an Alaskan State Trooper just because he routinely ran over people and applied a gentle taser to his 12-year-old stepson (who, of course, happened to be Gov. Palin’s nephew).

13) She is inexperienced. And she refuses to admit that her duties as the chief executive in the State of Alaska are nowhere near equal to those of a public servant who was once a Community Organizer, or that of a United States Senator who has carried the awesome burden of overseeing a staff of political appointees.

14) She has a son who is in the U.S. Military, soon to be deployed to the Persian Gulf –probably making her prejudiced against all the peaceful Muslims in that part of the world.

15) She is on Oprah Winfrey’s ‘Do Not Invite’ list.

16) She professes to be a Christian, but has no ‘Spiritual Adviser’–even though Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who served Sen Obama in that capacity for 20 years, is now available.

17) She isn’t really a ‘beauty queen,’ as advertised. She was only the runner-up in the Miss Alaska Contest; and Alaska is not a very populous state, anyway.

18) The Obama-Biden ticket is favored over McCain-Palin, 80% to 20%, by our friendly allies in France .

19) Her children are not properly trained in hygiene. (Did you see her 7-year-old daughter shamelessly lick the entire palm of her hand at the Convention, then use it to slick down the hair of her little brother?)

20) She is of mixed English, German, and Irish ancestry–and you KNOW you can’t trust the damn Micks.

21) Back to No. 1: This is the one that really galls modern, liberal ‘feminists.’ Gov. Palin is a Woman, a female-type wife and mother, who shaves her legs, wears makeup, dresses smartly, often cooks meals for her family, doesn’t give a rat’s-ass about the National Organization for Women or the all-powerful Teachers Unions–and obviously will never, ever fit in as a member of the Washington Elite.

With these facts in mind it’s no wonder why Mr. Obama is favored to win and create the first black in the WhiteHouse.  Mr. Obama’s strategy is simple…no matter what he fails to do, he always can blame his predecessor.  You’ll see change alright…be careful of what you wish for, you may just get it!



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