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Barack Hussein Obama sending Bumbling Joe Biden to Chicago!

Joe Biden is is Chicago today promoting Obamacare at a Town Hall Meeting. However, you will not here is any disruption at THIS meeting, in fact you will not here of any questions being asked from the Conservative side. Why? Well because it is by invitation only. That way they can control exactly what questions will be asked and by whom so there will be none that Biden “the bumbler” will not be able to answer.

What a damn joke! They stack the deck in their favor and call it a town hall meeting!

Then, Biden is supposed to spend time promoting Congressperson Debbie Halverson, D-Crete Illinois. She seems like a fairly nice person who is interested in the welfare of the people in her district, which by the way encompasses where I reside. She edoes not always vote the way I would like but she has bucked the party vote on occasion, unlike some in Congress. However, back to Biden, I hope he doesn’t do anything to damage the reputation of Ms. Halvorsen with any of his insane comments.

Ms. Halvorsen by the way has elected to not hold any towh hall style meeting while she is home BUT will hold telephone meetings for seniors twice before she returns to D.C.


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