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The Arrogance of Barack Hussein Obama

This is a quote from an article by: WarnerTodd Huston that can be found http://www.stoptheaclu.com
titled Obama: A Study in Presidential Arrogance. I thought it especially pointed and while only the lead few paragraphs in the article, it says VOLUMES!

“The whole world was supposed to fall at his feet. He was supposed to spend the next four to eight years (or four to ten as he once said during the late campaign) just making airy pronouncements while everyone danced lemming-like to his tune of hope-n-change. It was supposed to be easy. Heck, The One himself even pronounced that he enjoyed being president. “And it turns out I’m very good at it,” he assured everyone during a luncheon with TV anchors a few weeks ago.
Obama simply didn’t imagine that he had to worry too much about those nagging details like making sure his nominees were vetted and had paid their taxes. He didn’t think that those silly 8,500 earmarks in his omnibus budget needed eliminating like he kept talking about in the campaign. For that matter, he didn’t even realize he was supposed to become involved in creating that stimulus bill. And foreign policy? Why our enemies were supposed to want him to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony while our allies were supposed to simply take it all on faith that we still love them like bosom buddies. Move along. Nothing to see here.

You see, Obama is a campaigner. And, him being the Obammessiah and all, he thinks that all he has to do is be there, his God-like presence healing all rifts, fixing all errors, causing the sun to shine. He is the change he has been waiting for, after all. I mean, he didn’t imagine he’d actually have to do anything once he got to the White House, to be sure.

Sadly, he’s more like Chauncey Gardner than Jesus Christ, quite despite the constant religious iconography lovingly bestowed upon him by the lapdog media.

But the bill is soon coming to be paid.”

Check out the balance of the article at stoptheaclu.com for Huston take on:
1) the knowing appointments of TAX CHEATS to cabinet positions
2) his approval of spending bills with the EARMARKS Barack Hussein Obama campaigned against!
3) his ignoring of our allies and his recent diplomatic blunders with England

“Obama better get his house in order and soon. As Fred Barnes said recently, “at some point, reality will intrude, followed by accountability.” But how much damage will occur before that political bill, that accountability comes due?”


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Obama’s facing some questions on his Judgement in position choices!

The latest Obama choice for a High government office, Nancy Killefer who was to be the chief performance officer of his administration has abrubtly back away from the position due to her failure to pay the payroll taxes for her household staff! This follows the withdrawl by Tom Daschle of his name for the HHS cabinet position because of the furor raised over his failure to pay $146,000.00 in taxes due and in addition to possible questionable gifts from and associations with health care companies while he was a lobbyist. Of course you will recall the tax evasions of Timothy Geithner that came to light during his confirmation hearings. He is now the man in charge of the IRS. Where will this madness end??

It appears that we now know why Democrats have no hesitation with raising taxes – – They don’t pay them!

Poor statement; Yes it is but it sure does seem to be true at least in part.

I wonder which shoes will fall next for the Newly elected President?

He should be concentrating on righting the economny and he is faced with these distractions that are not only embarrassing but people are wondering about the quality of his judgement in these choices.


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President Barack Obama has another “Friend” who is a Tax Cheat that comes to our Attention

Well now we know why the Democrats don’t mind raising taxes – they don’t pay them.

First it was Timothy Geithner. Obama and the Dems thought little of the fact HE did not pay his taxes. After all it was a small amount and an oversight! Now comes Tom Daschle with a history of not paying taxes in amounts that would put an “ordinary middle class worker” in jail. I suggest that you read the following and then call you Senator and tell them VOTE no on Daschle. He offers nothing to the HHS position anyway EXCEPT he has “FRIENDS in the industry that he could use his influence to “help”.

Barack Obama has nominated another tax cheat. This time a BIG TAX CHEAT!

With Tim Geithner we were told he was the indispensable man during the economic crisis. What about Tom Daschle? What makes him special — NOTHING makes Daschle so special EXCEPT he is one of Barack Hussein Obama’s “friends”.  One tax cheat is enough.

Call 202-224-3121. Tell your ator to vote no on Tom Daschle.


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