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Obama picks another Problem loaded Cabinet Nominee

Hilda Solis’ husband did not pay taxes on his business for 16 years, UNTIL, She was up for confirmation.
What is this three out of five nominees from Obama thus far are TAX CHEATS!
This tax evation situation with Solis in NOT the only thing that SMELLS about this nomination!
Her role as a board member and treasurer of American Rights at Work, or ARW, a group pushing for passage of a bill to make it easier for workers to form unions makes it a questions are to exactly where her priorities will lie! Will she side with her union buddies or the companies and government in decisions? The following quote makes it clear in my opinion;

“Meanwhile, the nation’s largest labor federation, the AFL-CIO, plans to join with other unions, women’s and Hispanic groups to pressure the Senate Friday to confirm Solis, accusing Republican Senators of stalling and delay.

“Starting tomorrow, the gloves are coming off,” said an AFL-CIO source who helped make the decision on the lobbying effort and who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss political strategy”

It is appearent the unions WANT HER in that position because “she is one of theirs”.

She could be instrumental in the debate over the Employee Free Choice Act.

What happened to Barack Hussein Obama’s comments about lobbyists in his administartion? While Solis is not/was not exactly a lobbyist she has always been tied directly to the labor unions.

Also, she is not a partner or owner of her husbands business but she is this/close to it and shares in its prifit AFTER expenses.

Obama has enough
to worry about with out his poor judgement in picking cabinet members and staff.

This is number five; How many more are there to come?

Holder was approv ed and in my opinion should not have because of his involvement with the Marc Rich pardon under clinton as well as the pardions of the Puerto Rican Nationionalist terrorists!

We will have an interesting ride in Obama’s four year term!


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Obama’s facing some questions on his Judgement in position choices!

The latest Obama choice for a High government office, Nancy Killefer who was to be the chief performance officer of his administration has abrubtly back away from the position due to her failure to pay the payroll taxes for her household staff! This follows the withdrawl by Tom Daschle of his name for the HHS cabinet position because of the furor raised over his failure to pay $146,000.00 in taxes due and in addition to possible questionable gifts from and associations with health care companies while he was a lobbyist. Of course you will recall the tax evasions of Timothy Geithner that came to light during his confirmation hearings. He is now the man in charge of the IRS. Where will this madness end??

It appears that we now know why Democrats have no hesitation with raising taxes – – They don’t pay them!

Poor statement; Yes it is but it sure does seem to be true at least in part.

I wonder which shoes will fall next for the Newly elected President?

He should be concentrating on righting the economny and he is faced with these distractions that are not only embarrassing but people are wondering about the quality of his judgement in these choices.


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