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Barack Obama FIRES General McChrystal – Too bad it wasn’t the OTHER WAY AROUND!

Let me first say that I think McChrystal was wrong in saying what he did. Let me also say WHO checked the veracity of the Rolling Stone article? Also, when did the the Rolling Stone Magazine become THE magazine of governmental communication. Finally, I will posit that Barack Obama took this as a personal attack and we all know he is perfect and McChrystal challenged that.

President Obama fired Gen. Stanley McChrystal as commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan Wednesday, after the general and several aides made what appear to be derogatory comments about the administration during interviews with Rolling Stone magazine.

CNN and AP reported the sacking after Gen. McChrystal did not attend a meeting of the president’s national security team to review progress in the troubled military campaign in Afghanistan. Gen. David Petraeus, commander of the Central Command will take over as the commander of the Afghanistan operations.

Gen. McChrystal, summoned to Washington by an angry president (Big Deal), arrived at the White House earlier Wednesday for a one on one meeting with Mr. Obama,

President Obama’s national security team met at the White House for a regular review of the Afghan war Wednesday morning, without Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

Gen. McChrystal accused U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry of “cover[ing] his flank for the history book,” and his aides called National Security Advisor Gen. James Jones “a clown” and compared special envoy Richard Holbrooke to “a wounded animal. I especially liked the aides comment about JOE “Bite-Me” Biden.

This is a BIG mistake In my opinion. Obama thinks it makes him look strong BUT I think it makes him look stupid.

Why did Bite Me Biden get away with all the comments he has made?
Why has Obama gotten away with all the comments HE has made?

The oinly entity or person who wins here is Rolling Stone Magazine with increased circulation.

This man we have in the White House leading us, is neither a leader or a man!

I think McChrystal was set up and he was set up by Obama and his band of Merry men.

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