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Here is Proof Positive Barack Hussein Obama’s Popularity is Dropping Like a BIG Rock in the Eyeys of the Voters!

This poll (Rasmussen) is the best reporting poll on the Net. I don’t always like the numbers (:-)) but I feel they are honest. Take a quick read on what they have to say belwo about Barack Hussein Obama and how he and his policies are currently perceived by the voting public:

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that 27% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-two percent (42%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -15. This is the lowest Approval Index rating yet measured for President Obama.
Fifty-two percent (52%) of Democrats Strongly Approve while 68% of Republicans Strongly Disapprove. Among those not affiliated with either major political party, just 16% Strongly Approve and 51% Strongly Disapprove (
Forty-five percent (45%) want U.S. troops home from Afghanistan either right away or within a year.Forty-three percent (43%) are opposed to such a firm timetable.
Fifty-three percent (53%) of voters worry that the federal government will do too much when it comes to reacting to the nation’s financial problems. That’s up seven points since President Obama took office.
The Presidential Approval Index is calculated by subtracting the number who Strongly Disapprove from the number who Strongly Approve. It is updated daily at 9:30 a.m. Eastern (sign up for free daily e-mail update). Updates are also available on Twitter and Facebook.
Overall, 45% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance. That matches the lowest level of total approval yet measured for this president. Eighty-one percent (81%) of Democrats approve as do 33% of unaffiliated voters. Eighty-three percent (83%) of Republicans disapprove.
Among all voters, 54% now disapprove. (of Obama that is)
Support for the health care plan proposed by the President and Congressional Democrats has fallen to a new low of 38%. Sixty percent (60%) of voters believe passage of the bill will lead to higher health care costs.

All in all, it appears that Barack Hussein Obama is failing/falling in the eyes of the voters. It also appears that like the mid-term elections in 1994 when the Republicans took back both houses of Congress, it may happen again in 2010. Holy Moley, I hope so! I have to ask, as I often do, why is it that NONE of this is reported in the mainstream media?


(my comments appear in italics)

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Obama’s Man Rahm Emanuel “RAHMS” Obama’s Bills Through Congress – It’s Chicago Style Politics by Chicago Style Thugs!

You might think that passing a bill through Congress is a really difficult and honorable task that involves late night debates, hours spent analyzing proposals and reading legislation, policy wonks splitting hairs over detailed issues, and a healthy dose of respectful opposition and transparency. Oh boy, would you be wrong. In this Congress, it’s rahm rahm rahm, Chicago-style.

According to recent reports, Congressional leaders are censoring congressional mailings to avoid the appearance of two sides to the health care debate. And what is being censored? Democrats should be called “the majority,” and the “public option” cannot under any circumstances be called “government-run.” Not being able to say the “public option” is government-run is like being told you cannot call the Earth a planet. It’s simply incompatible with common sense, and the facts.
So for education purposes, here is an updated lesson on how a bill becomes a law in Washington.

Introduce a Bill, But Not the One You Really Plan on Passing: On Friday, June 26, 2009, the House of Representatives voted on final passage of the Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade Bill, a major piece of global warming legislation this year that will have a huge effect on the economy and the price Americans pay for energy. Both sides of this debate spent months arguing over the details. And then, at 3:09 am on June 26, the morning of the vote, the majority added over 300 pages to the bill. As of the final vote, not one member had a clear idea what was contained in that amendment.
Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Read the Bill: Reading the bill will only confuse the process and, according to Congressman John Conyers (D-MI), it will also take upwards of two days and two staffers, so it is not worth it. At the National Press Club this week, Congressman Conyers said: “I love these members that get up and say, ‘read the bill.’ What good is reading the bill if it’s a thousand pages, and you don’t have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill?”

Further, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said “If every member pledged to not vote for [the health care bill] if they hadn’t read it in its entirety, I think we would have very few votes.” Hoyer continued: “I’m laughing because a) I don’t know how long this bill is going to be, but it’s going to be a very long bill.”

Make the Bill Very Long and Very Complicated: The best way to achieve the previous objective of not reading the bill is to take the length of War & Peace, double it, and then use that as a starting point. The current House version of health care legislation is over 1,000 pages long. The stimulus bill was over 1,500 pages long. The Cap and Trade bill was over 1,000 pages long, and remember, had 300 pages added at the last minute. No sneaky spending hidden in there, you can trust ‘em.

Bypass Your Committee: If the moderate voices of Congress wish to debate a bill in committee and propose alternative ideas, bypass the committee entirely. House Energy and Commerce Chairman Henry Waxman (D-CA) knows this rule well, and has suggested there is “no alternative” to bypassing the committee if Blue Dog Democrats don’t accept the terms of the deal he sets on health care reform this week. Yes, there is clearly no alternative.

Keep the American People in the Dark: When President Barack Obama took office, he promised on his transition website he would “not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House Web site for five days.” He failed to live to this promise on his very first piece of legislation. In fact, the website the White House unveiled to detail “transparent” stimulus spending was so bad, and lacked so little detail, that a cottage industry of private websites popped up to fill the void.
Censor the Opposition: If nobody reads the opposition, did it really exist? Of course not. In an attempt to keep the American people in the dark, you must not let them hear opposing views, especially during a week where the President sets aside one hour of primetime network television time to address his side. Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX) tried recently to send a chart detailing the expansion of government under the current plan, and the House Franking Commission told him no, even though it did not challenge the chart’s accuracy or purpose. Congressman John Carter (R-TX) tried to call the public plan “government-run” and was promptly told to cease saying such obvious things. It’s much easier to pass a bill when you can write the talking points for both sides.

When the CBO Says Bad Things, Bring the Director in for a “Chat”: Last week, Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Director Douglas Elmendorf was summoned to the White House after his office released an analysis showing that the President’s health care plan would increase the deficit and not produce the savings it promised. This move was absolutely unprecedented, as Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) points out: “[This] reeks of the type of Chicago-style politics that Americans were warned about. The CBO was created to be independent and nonpartisan. To spoil that with political dealings in the West Wing only adds to American cynicism about the President’s misguided health care plan.”

So there you have the 2009 guide to passing a bill through Congress. There will certainly be changes to these rules, but we can’t promise you’ll be told of them.


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In a townhall meeting Barack Hussein Obama compared the “PUBLIC OPTION to the USPO. The following is a word for word quote that appeared in the Liberal Rag, The Famous New York Times:

“Obama said a government-run public option should not kill private insurers, but rather force them to be more competitive, even going so far as to compare the competition between them to FedEx, UPS and the Postal Service. “UPS and FedEx are doing just fine,” Mr. Obama joked. “It’s the post office that’s always having problems.”

Does Barack Hussein Obama not realize that he just said the GOVERNMENT RUN USPO is the PROBLEM or does he think that the American public is “STUPIDLY” just going along with his plans without question?? I offer that the GOVERNMENT RUN PUBLIC OPTION would also be a PROBLEM and no way would it exist with increased subsidy by the public, the same as USPO raising the price of stamps which; the USPO has increases built in yearly from now until???.

This is basic “words from Obama’s mouth to our ears” – It Will Not Work!


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When Obama spoke about the White Sox, his allegedly favorite team, he called their ballpark “COMISKY FIELD” anyone who lives on the southside of Chicagoi (White Sox Territory) would call it “COMISKY PARK”. They would do that even if they were not Sox fans! In 1991 it became known as U.S.Cellalar Field BUT nobody here calls it that! Was Obama confused? Is Obama really a White Sox fan OR does he like to wear their Jacket because Michelle thinks “he looks cute in it”?

OBAMA will possibly NEVER recover the lost ratings from when he called the police officer out for “acting stupidly” for arresting the Harvard Professor (Gates). OBAMA spoke without all the facts and one more time was throwing race into the game to make a point in favor of his friend, Professor Gates, as well as the African American public in general, allegedly being grossly mistreated by the white police. IMHO, the policeman was correct and the Professor should apologize to him AND OBAMA should also apologize to the police officer. The reality of it is that both the policeman and Professor Gates were a bit “overboard” in their respective actions but BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA was WAY OFF BASE in his commentary and should have left well enough alone. No comment was needed by HIM!

HIS supposed healthcare plan that HE wanted done by August 2009 (doesn’t HE know that “haste makes waste”) has hit some major road blocks and now HE has extended HIS timetable to the end of the year. The problem is that many of HIS own party are not in favor of it as well as most Republicans. There has been some talk that because of the socialistic approach HE is taking it will never pass because the American people just don’t want it. We have the best healthcare in the world. It is expensive but as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. With OBAMA’S socialism plan and “public option” your healthcare treatments would be second rate and that is when you would be able to get treatments.

His ratings across the board are dropping as people are seeing through his empty promises. The economy is not gettinh much better, un-employment has increased and taxes are on the increase to pay for all OBAMA’S “drunken sailor” type spending habits!

Here is an example of How people are starting to think:
Several days ago in The Joliet Herald Newspaper (Joliet Illinois which is the Third largest and factest growing city in Illinois – Vtoied Democratic in recent elections and is mainly blue collar) has a pollinf place question :
After six months as President, is Barack Obama doing a good job?
It is a phone in poll, unscientific in nature but only allows one call per phone number.
The surprtising answers were: 102 votes Yes and 303 vites No, A 3 to 1 mandate against Barack Obama! I did not vote or there would have been another NO vote!

The bright side to all of this is that shows OBAMA is on a slippery slope and is looking atthe real possibility of not being re-elected in 2012!


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