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Obama’s “KEGGER”, MY Comments and Observations

Well, it’s over. The much touted “beer Party Summit” on the South Lawn of The White House. What did it do? Nothing, absolutely nothing EXCEPT put Barack Hussein Obama in the public eye and ear for something besides his asinine healthcare policy!
When I saw the video and sitting on the LEFT (where he correctly belongs as a liberal toadie for Obama) was none other than Joe “I keep tripping on my tongue” Biden. Why was HE at this summit? I will give you several reasons and you can pick your favorite one:
1) They had an over abundance of Beer and know they could count on Old Joe toi finish it off.
2) They wanted to balance colors (tow black men and two white men)!
3) They needed someone who would say something funny now and then. We know Joe was that man.
4) The table & chair set had four chairs and it looked dumb sitting empty in it and Joe was doing nothing!
5) Barack Hussein Obama needed someone else to make a stupid comment & again, Old Joe was their man

I was somewhat surprised that Jesse Jackson (the Reverend) was not there. He usually is everywhere there is controvesy and a camera. In addition, he could have probably gotten the Bud Light for Obama at cost. He son owns the largest Budweiser distributorship on the North Side of Chicago (that however is another story) and of course he would have lent a Chicago side to the discussion.

Biden had as much in common with Sgt.Crowley as Capone had with Elliot Ness
Obama had as much in common with Sgt. Crowley as he would have with Lee Ermey
Prof.. Gates has as much in common with Sgt. Crowley as William Ayres would have with J.Edgar Hoover
Obama, Gates and Biden all have a common interest here and Sgt. Crowley was the odd man out!

From what I heard, Barack Hussein Obama did not apologize to Sgt. Crowley and Gates did not apologize to Sgt. Crowley and Sgt. Crowley did not apologize to Gates or Obama (I am glad of that). When it was over, Barack Hussein Obama described the meeting as a “teachable moment” (whatever the hell that may be) and he hoped now he can focus on the healthcare policy issues because IF the healthcare bill does not pas, it will be the end of Obama. Just as I said earlier, Obama’s KEGGER did absolutely nothing!

What SHOULD have taken place in my opinion, is that after Obama and Gates apologized to Sgt. Crowley AND the people of the United States of America for acting STUPIDLY. They should have proceeded to commend Sgt. Crowley for doing his job and protecting the property of Gates instead of looking the other way as so easily could have been done. THEN the President should have introduced Lucia Whalen, the forgotten hero in all this, to everyone and give her the Presidents medal of Merit for being an upstanding citizen and taking the time to report the crime. He THEN would have been right to verbally chastise those who called her a racist, and even threatened her life. HOWEVER, being all about Obama, as everything usually is and must be, any public comment and Crowley or Whalen that sounded as though they were being praised as American heroes, doing what was right and they went out of their way to do it would have detracted from the light shining on Obama for holding this summit.


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Short Notes on Obama and Those with Obama Power!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims she has no use for polls. For her, that’s a good thing, because polls now show that voters despise her. But a politician who disdains public approval should be a little disturbing. Doesn’t she sound just like Barack Hussein Obama?

For the longest time, Scott Rasmussen had the only polls showing Republicans leading in the battle for Congress. NPR now shows Republicans leading by a point as well, 43%-42%. President Barack Hussein Obama’s approval rating is a tepid 53%-42%. When it drops a bit lower, we will again hear the famous Obama line that “polls don’t matter” instead of the one he uses when he is on top “the polls show that the people are in favor of what we are doing”!

President Barack Hussein Obama on Tuesday afternoon to talk about his work both in public and behind the scenes to push a health-care-reform measure through Congress. The other two/thirds he is flying around the country or sticking his nose where it does not belong.

According to http://www.factcheck.org, Barack Hussein Obama did vote to raise taxes on people making as little as $42,000 a year, despite his denial. I guess we had better watch out, that $400,000.00 figure may be on a slippery slope to $40,000.00 before we know it. I guess Barack Hussein Obama lies.

Joe “I can’t seem to keep things straight” Biden, Barack Hussein Obama’s wrong pick for Vice President, has again uttered words that get him/U.S. into trouble by saying that the economic downturn in Russia is good for us to gain strenght over them, or at least words to that effect. Makes no difference as he already made himelf and us looks stupid again! I wonder if Barack Hussein Obama calls him that as he did the police in Cambridge? Hmmmmm!

Once again I defer to http://www.factcheck.org for this bit of information; During the campaign, Barack Hussein Obama claimed, Workers would be taxed on the value of health benefits under McCain’s plan, not employers. as Barack Barack Hussein Obama claimed he said. This to ofset the sting on Barack Hussein Obama’s claims for HIS healthcare plan about taxing for insurance premiums.

Today is the night of the “great Beer drinking party” on the South Lawn of the White House that Barack Hussein Obama is hosting to bring the Professor Gates and Cambridge police Sargeant Crowley together to kiss and make up over BUD LIGHT. My guess is that Barack Hussein Obama will try and finesse Crowley to apologize to Gates (Good God I hope he doesn’t apologize) instead of Barack Hussein Obama himself apologizing for getting his nose where it did not belong and causing all the hullabaloo on race again.

The President and Congress are going on vacation in a few days. Do you think they will all, including Barack Hussein Obama, will read the 1000 plus page bill before they return to Washington so they have a “real grasp” of what they are trying to foist on the American public as the answer of all answers to the “healthcare crisis” (their words not mine)? I for one doubt it. The President has shown in the town hall style meetings that he has had recently that he knows virtually nothing of what the bill contains or what effect it will have on Ameicans young and old. Puleeese guys and gals, do yourselves a favor and see what is in those 1000 pages and how it will affect your families, your parents, your friends and the rest of us BEFORE you do what Barack Hussein Obama wants you to do!


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