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Barack Obama’s Oil Spill Speech; The “I’s” say it all!

The June 15, 2001 Oval Office Address (Short Version): “I’ve returned … I assembled a team … I’d like to lay out … I’ve authorized … I urge the governors … I saw and heard … I’ve talked … I’ve seen … I’ve talked … I refuse … I will meet … I make … I asked … I approved … I want to know … I met with … I’ve established … I’ve issued … I know … I urge … I expect … I was a candidate … I laid out … I say … I am happy … I will not accept … I will not settle…” by Barack Hussein Obama

Typical self promotion and campaign like pitch for his energy (Cap and Trade) programs. Where has he been for the past 53 days? He has been partying and playing and avoiding the issue. Where is FEMA? Have they been made aware that this is Obama’s “Katrina”?
How, in good consious can Barack Obama use a tragedy like we have not seen before to his own political advantage? How can Barack Obama blame the admisistration of President George W. Bush for this tragedy?

Lots of questions and Obama’s has “I’s”


Only 949 days left for Obama!

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Barack Obama’s State of the Union Campaign Speech!

I listened to all 6,200 words that Obama threw at us. In excess of 100 of those words he referenced or praised himself. The only thing that he said that I thought had merit was that The United States would not be in second place! Unfortunately, that too was a cloudy message as he has gone on his world class tour, blaming th USA and apologizing for whatever we have allegedly done to all those countries he visited.

Barack Hussein Obama made JOBS as his number one focus. However, he backs amnesty for illegals and does virtually noithing about them holding jobs that should be for Americans.

The more I listened to BHO the more I realized that I had heard all these words before. I heard them from his mouth when he was on the campaign trail. He has been in office for one year, 25% of his term and in that time he has accomplisehed absolutely nothing.

Obama made a lot of promises of socialistic programs costing billions of dollars to come in the near future. He forgot one major part – where will the money come from?

He took time to praise his wife, Michelle Obama on two occasions. He again pledged to get rid of “don’t ask – don’t tell”. He said the SCOTUS decision on campaign finance was a disaster. He renewed his stand on Cap and Trade as well as Healthcare. Somehow he called his administration “transpqarent and open”, which made me wonder IF he really knows what is going on.

Once again he took time to place blame for our nation’s current problems on previous administrations and most of all the eight years previous to his reign when President George W. Bush was in charge. When will the Liberals ever stop blaming GWB for all that is wrong and take some of the blame themselves?

His speech was mostly filled with empty rhetoric and just like campaign promises it will soon be forgotten.

How many words are there that mean LIES?


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