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Why Barack Obama cannot Hold a Candle to John McCain

A “good friend”  wrote the following and it seems to me that it easily says what the real issue is here. McCain’s War Record and his imprisonment are brought up all too often and if you look closely it is usually the Democrats who bring it into the discussion. In any case, Lee, I thank You for this fine look at reality in Election 2008

“The question should not be that of whether McCain’s POW status gives him the qualification to be president. 


Between McCain and Obama, who has the MOST EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE of domestic and foreign affairs, and LEADERSHIP qualities to take the helm?  Who can the American people TRUST more, McCain or Obama?


In all truth, Obama has neither the MOST EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, LEADERSHIP nor TRUST.  McCAIN has all those qualities.  He will be elected, and the GOP will make history by having the first female vice president.  That is an accomplishment the Democrat party refused to accomplish after their miserable defeat in 1984.  The Democrat party has had  six presidential cycles since 1984 to nominate a woman as president and vice president, and they’ve passed.


It took the GOP just one time, and it looks like they will succeed in their first attempt. 


So, while hypocritical Democrats lambaste Palin for whatever reasons they can conceive, they should instead reflect why the party elders refused to go with a woman since Ferraro.  That is the question Americans, especially liberals, deserve an answer too.  Democrats have only themselves to blame”.


Lee Anthony Nieves

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