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Foster did not Win seat vacated by Dennis Hastert, Oberweis Lost it!

to keep. The Party blew it. They blew it the same way as when they slated Allen Keyes for U.S. Senator to run against Obama. Obama did not win, Keyes lost! Foster did not win, Oberweis lost.

The reason Republicans lost this very important seat is because people don’t want Oberweis. Republicans want someone new. They want thinking people as candidates and get rid of the good old boy network. The only way that will happen is when Oberweis runs out of money to give the party to put him up. It’s an ego thing. Oberweis said today that he “will be back in November and run again. What is this? He has lost EVERY TIME HE HAS BEEN A CANDIDATE! Let’s get real here.

This is what is wrong in the Republican Party.

 Unless the Party wakes up and not only in Illinois but across the country and gives the voters candidates who have substance and are not the same old hand picked party hacks, the Republican Party will be a thing of the past. The country will be run by the likes of Obama and crew who are as phony as can be. Our taxes will be higher than ever and government will be out of control “taking care of the people”. How can government take care of people when it can’t handle itself? Socialism will be the way our lives are controlled. Our medical superiority in the world will go donw hill so quickly that we will have people dying in their homes, unable to get to a hospital. Our technology will stagnate and terrorists will over run the country. They will close down our military and use “discussion” rather than force.

Islam wants us dead. We will be!

Just my opinion!


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