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Barack Obama “can do something to help clean up and stop the Oil Spill” but he has REFUSED to do so.

Read below and find out how Barack Obama COULD help clean up the oil spill but refuses to do so.

Carol Browner, Obama apponted head of the EPA said the “Obama Administration” is calling the shots! I have not heard any “calling”!

The head of the EPA, Carol Browner, has stated that the Obama Administration is calling all the shots in the Gulf Coast oil spill disaster. They are telling BP what to do, how to do it and when to do it. In one simple Executive Order, Obama could waive the Jones Act and allow other countries to help.

13 countries have offered their expertise and equipment – which we DO NOT have in the U.S. to help clean up. 3 Days after the oil spill the Dutch offered their expertise and equipment. Obama has REFUSED them.

Jones Act:
Jones Act, deals with cabotage (i.e., coastal shipping) and requires that all goods transported by water between U.S. ports be carried in U.S.-flag ships, constructed in the United States, owned by U.S. citizens, and crewed by U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents.

Without a waiver of the Jones Act, foreign ships cannot come to the Gulf Coast and help in the clean up. President Bush waived the Jones Act during Katrina due to the disaster that entailed. Obama has refused to sign the Jones Act using others as his excuse.


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Is Obama giving Away The Internet!

Within a few months of Obama’s being elected, his administration, using the Department of Commerce, agreed to give partial control of the Internet to IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) and its leaders. They also agreed open up representation to foreign companies and countries on the IANA board.

Can you say one small step for internationalism and one giant step toward giving up American control of the Intenet.

It is in our best interests, both economic and national security, to not give up controling the Net. We are responsible for one of the modern world’s greatest inventions and most powerful communications network.

We invented it, and we paid for the research and implementation that made it
possible. Who could protect the Net better than the United States?

The people in this country need to wake up to what the administration of Barack Hussein Obama is doing to the country.

The Obama administration’s action has started a slow but complete takeover of the Net by the U.N. or some other foriegn organization.

In my opinion, the Obama administration should be looking to make the U.S. stronger and a larger world power.


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