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Barack Obama has sold the United States Down the River of Doom!

Barack Obama has approved a new nuclear policy for the United States, vowing last week to reduce America’s nuclear arsenal, refrain from nuclear tests and not use nuclear weapons against countries that do not have them. North Korea and Iran were not included in that pledge because they do not cooperate with other countries on nonproliferation standards

This is CRAZY! Barack Obama who is supposed to our Presidnet and take all necessary steps to protect us, has just advised the world, including all of our whacko enemies about what and how we would use or not use nuclear weapons.

2012 cannot come too soon so we can vote this poser out of office and hopefully into shamed obscurity!


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Obama has lost it! He thinks he is Running for King!

I am taking back all of the times I said he was an intelligent man. This is a person has let his celebrity go to his head.

There is a video on YouTube that shows Obama telling an audience about how he is going to change the military of our country.

He thinks he is some sort of emperor and can do anything he wants. He thinks that because he is the ruler, he is invincible.

What he is proposing in the video about reducing or nuclear power, “talking” with Russia about removal of ICBM’s, cutting BILLIONS of dollars from the defense budget etc is going to cause the annihilation of the United States.

The video I am talking about can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dl32Y7wDVDs 

Believe you me it is shocking at the least.

We must work in every way possible to switch the votes and the allegiance he has, away from this lunatic liberal who seems to think he is running for King.. Grass roots did it in 2004 and we can do it again.


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