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Barack Hussein Obama Does Poor Job in Administration Staff Selections!

David W. Ogdfen:

The majority of Americans are skeptical of the staff and cabinet vacancies Barack Hussein Obama is filling . In CNN’s latest poll, nearly 40 percent of the country believes Obama “is doing a poor job selecting the top officials in his administration.” With Congress back in session after a week-long siesta, some of the President’s worst nominees will be taking their turn in the hot seat of Senate confirmation. After a brief delay, the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote Thursday on porn advocate David Ogden, Obama’s controversial pick for Deputy Attorney General.

Don’t miss Cathy Ruse’s eye-opening piece, “A Man Who Thinks Child Porn Is Free Speech Is Not Fit for Justice,” published today in Human Events. It details some of Ogden’s worst clients, including Stephen Knox, who was charged with possession of child pornography. In Knox’s defense, Ogden argued that the videos (which included footage of children’s genitalia) were an “art form.” He claimed that the images merited protection under the First Amendment–leaving little doubt that he would act on those instincts as America’s Deputy Attorney General.
Dawn Johnson:

Another potential member of the Justice team, Dawn Johnsen, is scheduled for a hearing on Wednesday. As Barack Hussein Obama’s choice for Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel, Dawn’s resume includes a position at NARAL, the radical pro-abortion organization, in which she served as the legal director.
Hilda Solis:

In Addition: little has been made of the Barack Hussein Obama’s Secretary of Labor-designate Hilda Solis (D-Calif.). Among other things, the current congresswoman has a history of communist ties and now serves as a member of the Progressive Caucus, “the socialist wing of the Democratic Party in the House. As Labor Secretary, she would continue to champion the Employee Free Choice Act, a pro-union bill which would give the federal government “the power to dictate the terms of a contract and to set wages, benefits, hours and work rules.” The full Senate will vote on Solis, the fourth of Obama’s nominees to owe back taxes, tomorrow.


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