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Why Barack Obama cannot Hold a Candle to John McCain

A “good friend”  wrote the following and it seems to me that it easily says what the real issue is here. McCain’s War Record and his imprisonment are brought up all too often and if you look closely it is usually the Democrats who bring it into the discussion. In any case, Lee, I thank You for this fine look at reality in Election 2008

“The question should not be that of whether McCain’s POW status gives him the qualification to be president. 


Between McCain and Obama, who has the MOST EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE of domestic and foreign affairs, and LEADERSHIP qualities to take the helm?  Who can the American people TRUST more, McCain or Obama?


In all truth, Obama has neither the MOST EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, LEADERSHIP nor TRUST.  McCAIN has all those qualities.  He will be elected, and the GOP will make history by having the first female vice president.  That is an accomplishment the Democrat party refused to accomplish after their miserable defeat in 1984.  The Democrat party has had  six presidential cycles since 1984 to nominate a woman as president and vice president, and they’ve passed.


It took the GOP just one time, and it looks like they will succeed in their first attempt. 


So, while hypocritical Democrats lambaste Palin for whatever reasons they can conceive, they should instead reflect why the party elders refused to go with a woman since Ferraro.  That is the question Americans, especially liberals, deserve an answer too.  Democrats have only themselves to blame”.


Lee Anthony Nieves

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NOT looking to GOOD FOR OBAMA!

Not looking real good for Obama, especially since Russia has decided to not play nice. Some interesting numbers are given and some crazy Obama supporter told me more GOP people were turning to Obama then Dem people turning to McCain. The last part of this article shows that is not true, more Dems going for McCain.
 59% see Russian Invasion of Georgia as Threat
Tuesday, August 12, 2008 Email to a FriendAdvertisementThe majority of Americans (59%) regard Russia’s ongoing invasion of neighboring Georgia as a threat to U.S. national security, but less than a third (31%) believe the United States should take any diplomatic action against Russia.

A similar number (33%) say the United States should not take diplomatic action against Russia, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey taken Monday night. A plurality (36%) remain undecided.

Just over half (51%) also believe that John McCain is the best equipped of the two major presidential candidates to handle a similar crisis in the future, while 36% believe Barack Obama is the better of the two to deal with this kind of situation. The two men are locked in a close race as measured by the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

Seventy-six percent (76%) of Americans say they have been following news stories on Russia attacking Georgia. Russia launched a massive military offensive against its southern neighbor on Friday after Georgia sent troops into the province of South Ossetia to seize control of it. The two countries have been bickering over ownership of South Ossetia since it broke from Georgia in the early 1990s.

World leaders have been increasingly critical of Russia, particularly once its forces began moving into Georgia proper and since the president of the embattled country agreed to a cease-fire. President Bush late Monday demanded that Russia withdraw its troops from Georgia and accept international mediation to end the crisis, although White House officials admitted privately there was little the United States could do to back up the demand.

Shortly after Bush’s comments, Russian President Dmitri Medvedev ordered a halt to military actions in Georgia, a former Soviet republic which has had increasingly strained relations with Russia over the years since the break-up of the Soviet Union. Georgia has aggressively sought ties to the West, including membership in NATO, and to the United States in particular.

While some have suggested that the Georgia conflict signals a potential return to the tensions of the Cold War, Americans are fairly evenly divided over whether Russia is a growing national security problem. Thirty-nine percent (39%) say Russia is a growing problem, but 36% say it is not.

Women are more concerned than men over the Russia-Georgia situation. Sixty-three percent (63%) of women regard it as at least a somewhat serious threat to U.S. national security versus 54% of men who feel that way. Women also have more confidence in Obama to deal with a similar crisis than men do. Men prefer McCain to Obama in such a situation 56% to 30%, but 40% of women think Obama could handle it best. More women (46%), however, still think McCain is the man for the job.

Forty-percent (40%) of men believe the United States should take diplomatic action against Russia, although 35% disagree. Among women, only 23% think diplomatic action is called for, while 31% do not. For 39% of men and women, Russia is a growing national security problem, but 45% of men do not agree, compared to only 28% of women who feel that way.

Half of Republicans (50%) say Russia is a growing national security problem versus 33% of Democrats and 35% of unaffiliated voters. Twenty percent (20%) of both Republicans and Democrats agree Russia is a Very Serious threat to U.S. national security, a view shared by only 9% of unaffiliateds.

While 35% of Republicans think diplomatic action is necessary, only 29% of both Democrats and moderates agree. Thirty percent (30%) of GOP voters, 33% of Democrats and 35% of unaffiliateds feel no action is needed.

Although 85% of Republicans believe McCain is the better of the two presidential candidates to handle a similar crisis in the future, only 61% of Democrats feel that way about Obama. More than one-out-of-five Democrats (22%) think the Republican presidential candidate would handle it better than the prospective candidate of their own party. Only 8% of GOP voters favor Obama over McCain in such a situation. Among unaffiliated voters, 56% prefer McCain while 28% like Obama better.


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Obama Losing Votes due to Race Mongering!

Obamas Race Mongering costing him…plummets in polls, support falls.

Guess all that hating on whitey will cost Obama and his racist wife and buddies. Too bad too, he had the chance to be a uniter, instead he was used as a stepping stone for the racists and hate mongers in his camp.

Seems reality is that racists come in all colors, and white Americans are starting to wake up to the myth that only white people, can be racist.

Obama not closing racial divide: poll
Wed Jul 16, 2008 7:43am EDT

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Americans are sharply divided by race ahead of the first presidential election in which a black candidate will represent a major party, a New York Times/CBS News poll showed on Tuesday,

The poll found that blacks and whites hold vastly different views of Sen. Barack Obama, an Illinois Democrat who would be the first black president, and are also divided on the state of race relations in the United States, the newspaper reported.

In the survey, 83 percent of blacks had a favorable opinion of Obama, compared with 31 percent of white voters.

Obama will face John McCain, a white Republican senator from Arizona, in the November 4 presidential election.

On the status of race relations, 59 percent of black respondents thought they were generally bad, compared with 34 percent of whites who thought the same way.

The nationwide telephone poll of 1,796 adults showed that 39 percent of blacks said there had been no real progress in recent years in getting rid of racial discrimination. Only 17 percent of whites said the same thing.

Twenty-seven percent of whites said too much had been made of problems facing black people, while half of blacks said not enough had been made of racial barriers faced by black people.

The poll was conducted July 7-14 and had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll found Obama leading McCain by 50 percent to 42 percent among registered voters nationwide. The poll also had Obama with a 19-point lead over McCain on the economy, the issue topping the list of voter concerns.

The poll of 1,119 adults and 971 registered voters was conducted July 10 through 13. The results had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.


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Obama was Studying and McCain was living !!


McCain’s Website from Senate Campaign 2004

The reason I post this is that it, in a nutshell, give a lot of background on John McCain that would take me a long time to type with MTF (my two fingers).

For example: He was first elected to The House of Representatives in 1982 at the age of 36. In 1982 Obama was 19 and was enrolled at Columbia Univ. studying Political Science and International Relations.

WHILE Obama was STUDING those things in 1982 JOHN MCCAIN WAS LIVING THEM and has been for the last 26 years all but the first four years he has been in the United States Senate.
(The site dopesn’t say all that, I added the last paragraph ;-0)


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Obama says HE WILL FINALLY visit Iraq in Summer

Wow! Barack Obama, who has been to Iraq one time and that was in 2006 with a Congressional delegation is finally goin  to visit the Troops. He says it’s not political but to talk to the people on the ground. I say baloney he has not been there for over 871 days but he criticizes the war daily!

McCain who has been to Iraq EIGHT TIMES has been forcing the issue.

Obama’s people said they have been considering the trip since last year but have been involved with the campaign against Hillary and have been unable to put it together. I say baloney!

We must remember that McCain supports the war and the Obama opposes the war and wans to bring the troops home yesterday.McCain offered to make it a joint trip which Obama turned down.

McCain brought up a good point when he asked why Obama wants to sit down and talk with the President of Iraq but has not done so with General Petraeus. Obama said that is a lie he talked with him when he was in Washington! I say that was a bit too late.


Obama is an empty shirt. His hope is false and his promises are empty.



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Want Conservative Judges on SCOTUS, Vote for John McCain!

Another Reason to Vote for John McCain !

If elected, McCain said Tuesday, he would think of conservative Justices John Roberts and Samuel Alito “as the model for my own nominees” to the Supreme Court.  What a great comment and made by a man who is NOT afriad to go out on a limb for what he believes and says so!

Obama wouldn’t do it, he would dance around the subject and Clinton would lie about it!

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., May 6—Highlighting an issue he plans to use aggressively in the general election campaign, Sen. John McCain on Tuesday decried “the common and systematic abuse of our federal courts by the people we entrust with judicial power” and pledged to nominate judges similar to the ones President Bush has placed on the bench.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee said that Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. “would serve as the model for my own nominees, if that responsibility falls to me,” highlighting the gap between Republicans and Democrats on the question of who should sit on the Supreme Court. Both justices have established strong conservative records since Bush appointed them, and the appointment of one more conservative to the nation’s highest court could tip the balance on issues such as abortion, discrimination, civil liberties and private property.

The two remaining Democratic candidates, Sens. Barack Obama (Ill.) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.), opposed the nominations of Roberts and Alito.


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Obama is closing in on Hillary in Pennsylvania-McCain is Still # ONE !!!

 Hillary leads Obama by only 5% points (47% Clinton and 42% Obama)now for the lead vote getter in the Pennsylvania primary coming up on April 22, 2008 as opposed to 13% points 2 weeks ago according to Rasmussen Reports poll out yesterday. In an addition, the poll asked if they would like either candidate to drop out of the race and give the other a go at McCain, 21% said Clinton should drop and 18% said Obama should drop out.

While the above is for the Pennsylvania primary, the numbers for the nomination itself are showing at 45% for Clinton and 44% for Obama in a national poll and in a poll taken on who would the voter vote for if the election were held today, McCain grabs 47% to Obama’s 41% and McCain 46% to Clinton’s 42%. McCain has a national favorable poll of 57% and unfavorable of 41%.

There is a lot of time left “until the fat lady sings”!


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Why Obama is really “NOBAMA”!

Here is the proof! It comes from the left leaning MSNBC program “The Raw Story” The information shown below is on all three Presidential candidates.

McCain’s lifetime attendance record is fairly solid — he’s missed 11 percent of votes since 1987 — and he’s nowhere near as missing from the Senate as Sen. John Kerry four years ago, when he missed 72 percent of votes in 2003-04 alone, says the New York Times. Clinton has missed 27 percent of Senate votes, while “NObama” missed 37 percent of Senate votes.

It seems the Democratic candiates have missed the most votes by far. One thing that is NOT STATED above is that in McCain’s 31 years in the Senate and only missing 11 percent of the votes for that period, he ran a campaign for President back in 2000 just as he is now. “NObama” who has only been a Senator of 3 years has more than tripled the amount of missed votes in the Senate over John McCain and more than doubled those missed votes of Hillary Clinton.

Maybe “Nobama” looks toward John Kerry, who lost his only bid for the Presidency, as an idol figure?

Does “NObama” only cast votes for the bills HE is interested in or worse, only for those that are not controversial in nature?

Was he too busy traveling or possibly it was more important that he write a book or two!

I think the voters (especially Illinois residents who he allegedly is representing) have a RIGHT to know and that he has an obligation to tell us with specifics!


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Democratic Political Venom

The following is  a paragraph from today’s NYT online. It is part of a comment from Senator Patrick Leahy who has called for Hillary Clinton to resign and resume a remarkable career in the Senate:

“I am very concerned. John McCain, who has been making one gaffe after another, is getting a free ride on it, because Senator Obama and Senator Clinton have to fight with each other. I think that her criticism is hurting him more than anything John McCain has said.”

He, Leahy, is attempting by streching the truth beyond its limits, to demean Senator McClain for his recent mixing up of the Sunni’s and the Shiites in a speech. Leahy going far and away from the facts when he says ” McCain has been making one gaffe after another”. What the hell does he call the lies of Obama and Clinton? How does he explain Obama, who ius his chosen candidate, condoning a Preacher damning America, blaming the U.S.A. for 9/11, his remarks about Italians and Jews? How does he rationalize Obama’s no votes in the Senate both the U.S. Senate and the Illinois Senate before that? Thius man is an embarrassment to the voters of Vermont who blindly keep electing him to the Senate. Maybe they will wake up.


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It’s McCain or We Slide Down the Liberal Slide to Ruin!!!

However, if those whose oppose this choice vote OTHER than McCain OR don’t vote President at all, it is them we blame for the liberal morons who will control Washington, the increased taxes and outlandish give-away programs, the crumble of the middle east and the resultant shortages of oil. It is them we will blame for the influx of illegals crossing our borders and sucking our public assistence and social ecurity dollars dry.

It is them we can blame for foreign affairs policies that make other countries laugh at us behind our backs and take advantage of us to our face. It is them we will blame for those who would take our money and use it for anti-American campaigns.

It is them we blame for mandatory sub-standard healthcare and liberal teachers who are only interested in furthering liberalism and collecting their payroll checks and it is them we blame for the burgeoning number of government workers who know nothing, do nothing and are nothing.

I hope the voters who choose this type of vote are ready and willing to shoulder the consequences of that vote!


I am a supporter of McCain for President

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