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Barack Obama’s Gang of Four!

If this isn’t just like those who foment the liberal philosophy, they blame their own shortcomings on someone else instead of looking toward themselves as a reason for their problem/defeat. 

 There was an article posted at NewsMax http://www.newsmax.com/insidecover/John_Kerry_and_his
about the “Gang of Four” all endorsing Obama because of their all consuming hatred for Hillary and Bill Clinton.  It would seem to me that they would state some issue that Obama has as a reason for the endorsement to offset the REAL reason that I previously mentioned.  

This act of complete disregard for intelligent thought (what am I saying, I am talking about Kennedy, Bore, Kerry and Dean and I reference intelligence??) is possibly in all reality giving Hillary an indirect boost because there are many of those who have less than undying admiration for those who make up the “the gang of Four”.  

I can’t help but figure this was expected by Hillary’s people and should she be elected (oh my God, there I go again, must be something I ate) SHE will get HER revenge! Count on it!

Incidentally, “THe Gang of Four should really be called “The Useless Gang of Four”.


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Obama on Obama is how the headline reads!

The following are the first few paragraphs of an op-ed article in the Lebanon Express from Lebanon Oregon. It pretty well sums up what I have been saying for months:

“When it comes to self-reflection, Barack Obama is an overachiever. At age 46, he has already written two memoirs when most people in public life – sometime at the end of their career – will be lucky to write one.”

“So far, what Obama seems set to get out of his presidential campaign is yet another memoir – this one an agonized, deeply personal account of how his campaign went nowhere despite all the media hoopla, crowds and fundraising. It turns out that voters aren’t as interested in Barack Obama as Barack Obama is. “

Obama’s problem as it well points out is he is so full of himself, he has no room for other thoughts. He has convinced himself that he is the best person to fill the position of the 44th President of The United States of America. He is not convincing the majority of the voters nationwide. Please notice I said nationwide! I did not pick a small poll in an insignificant location that samples only all 28 Obama supporters and call it a win for Obama!

Please don’t think I believe that Hillary will win anything but the nomination. She doesn’t have the “juice” either!

A small piece in the paper today made mention that “Jack Murtha” the Congressman who calls our Marines killers just returned from Iraq and he said “THE SURGE IS WORKING”! That is bad for the Democrats. They will jump all over his ass for making a positive comment about what they call “Bush’s War”. However, that IS what will put the Republicans back in the White House and Congress. Americans like winners and they don’t like losers. The Liberals are losers. You do the math!



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