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Why Obama is really “NOBAMA”!

Here is the proof! It comes from the left leaning MSNBC program “The Raw Story” The information shown below is on all three Presidential candidates.

McCain’s lifetime attendance record is fairly solid — he’s missed 11 percent of votes since 1987 — and he’s nowhere near as missing from the Senate as Sen. John Kerry four years ago, when he missed 72 percent of votes in 2003-04 alone, says the New York Times. Clinton has missed 27 percent of Senate votes, while “NObama” missed 37 percent of Senate votes.

It seems the Democratic candiates have missed the most votes by far. One thing that is NOT STATED above is that in McCain’s 31 years in the Senate and only missing 11 percent of the votes for that period, he ran a campaign for President back in 2000 just as he is now. “NObama” who has only been a Senator of 3 years has more than tripled the amount of missed votes in the Senate over John McCain and more than doubled those missed votes of Hillary Clinton.

Maybe “Nobama” looks toward John Kerry, who lost his only bid for the Presidency, as an idol figure?

Does “NObama” only cast votes for the bills HE is interested in or worse, only for those that are not controversial in nature?

Was he too busy traveling or possibly it was more important that he write a book or two!

I think the voters (especially Illinois residents who he allegedly is representing) have a RIGHT to know and that he has an obligation to tell us with specifics!


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Barack Obama’s Gang of Four!

If this isn’t just like those who foment the liberal philosophy, they blame their own shortcomings on someone else instead of looking toward themselves as a reason for their problem/defeat. 

 There was an article posted at NewsMax http://www.newsmax.com/insidecover/John_Kerry_and_his
about the “Gang of Four” all endorsing Obama because of their all consuming hatred for Hillary and Bill Clinton.  It would seem to me that they would state some issue that Obama has as a reason for the endorsement to offset the REAL reason that I previously mentioned.  

This act of complete disregard for intelligent thought (what am I saying, I am talking about Kennedy, Bore, Kerry and Dean and I reference intelligence??) is possibly in all reality giving Hillary an indirect boost because there are many of those who have less than undying admiration for those who make up the “the gang of Four”.  

I can’t help but figure this was expected by Hillary’s people and should she be elected (oh my God, there I go again, must be something I ate) SHE will get HER revenge! Count on it!

Incidentally, “THe Gang of Four should really be called “The Useless Gang of Four”.


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John Kerry Whines in Fund Raising Email

 Below is an email I recieved from John Kerry, please notice the third and fourth paragraphs. What a phoney. This whole thing sounds like the Democrats are worried (roadblock Republicans, comment). He wants to get the things they have dreamed of for years in 2008, sure the last 2 years have been a bust for Congress – THE DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS that is- they have done nothing, they have not kept any of their campaign promises. They know they are going to lose! He is actually pleading for donations. What a whining phoney!

“I just wanted to mention one more thing I didn’t mention in my last email: in politics,  the end of the year marks the end of another fundraising quarter, and this one really counts for our friends who are trying to pick up some hard fought seats currently occupied by Roadblock Republicans.

When these numbers get reported in January, Republicans will pore over them looking for who might be vulnerable to attack. We want to show them that these Democrats are ready for the fight and can take anything the GOP can throw at them.

So do what you can to signal to the Republicans that 2008 will be a very bad year for them, and a very good year for Democrats.

And to widen the battlefield, I want to introduce another great Democrat to our fundraising mix: Tom Udall in New Mexico.  New Mexico is suddenly a great opportunity for Democrats to knock another brick out of the Republican Roadblock. And Tom’s been a true progressive fighter in the House — with his victory, it’s going to be a great year for Democrats next year all over the country.

So let’s give them the money they need now, and let’s get to work in 2008.

One last thing: Teresa and I would just like to wish all of you a very happy holiday season, and a wonderful new year. Thank you for all you do — and let’s join in a New Year’s resolution to make 2008 the year we build a big progressive majority in the United States that can get done all the things we’ve hoped for and dreamed of all these years.Thanks for your help,
John Kerry
 John Kerry For U.S. Senate
129 Portland Street, Suite 500
Boston, MA 02114-2014


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