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IF “Think not Act Obama” gets elected, we are taking steps NOW to Destroy The Evil Doers

I received this from an unknown source in my  article email. I think it makes total sense so I pass it on!


The NYT coverage of the US Special Ops raid on the Al Qaeda camp in Syria does sound more like a piece for the Syrian and Iranian governments protesting the US raid rather than actually highlighting the fact that a major Al Qaeda leader which was running arms and  support to insurgents and Al Qaeda in Iraq. Not once does the NY Times  
mention the Al Qaeda involvement. Hilarious!

I am pleased to see the G.W. Bush is pulling all the stops in order to inflict as much damage as ossible on Syrian and Pakistani targets across the Iraqi borders.

We need to hit them now before Jan. 20th if  
Sen.Barack”ThinkNotAct”OBama gets elected.


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