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Wright Warned Obama but Obama didn’t plan for the Disaster

 The quote below is taken from CBSNEWS online. A liberal, Obama promoting website.

What they fail to say is that “Failing to plan is actually Planning to fail”. We need a President who thinks ahead, not one who waits for the shoe to drop!

“More than a year ago, Wright warned Obama and Moss that a presidential campaign made criticism of Trinity inevitable, but none of them anticipated fallout like this. Web sites and television news shows recalled Wright’s praise of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and played a greatest-hits compilation of Wright’s most incendiary comments: that Sept. 11, 2001, meant “America’s chickens are coming home to roost.” That former president Bill Clinton “did the same thing to us that he did to Monica Lewinsky.” That “racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run.” “

The comments that were played came from the DVD called “The Best of Rev. Jeremiah Wright” that is for sale through the church. The snippets are factual/ What is not factual is Obama’s initial denial that he was unaware of the controversial commentary by Rev. Wright.

What is not right is Obama’s denouncing and then justifying those anti-American and anti-white comments in his speech last week.

What is not right is Obama’s comments about his grandmother raising him and sacraficing for him and then claiming her fears “made him cringe”.

Rev. Wright put a hard racial message out with his sermons and Senator Obama backed him up and in doing so, I believe greatly damaged his credibility in both the black and white communities.

That’s my opinion!


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Obama’s Game Plan is NOT Working!!

It must be Obama’s game plan to ignore controversial subjects until they are forced out in the mainstream of the campaign. I can only surmise that this is done because he or his staff is hoping the ugliness and unpleasantness will simply disappear. It will not! One would think, by now, he would be wise to that fact and have taken steps to correct the problem. The Rezko “situations” the Flag pin incidents, the “present votes”  the Rev. Wright debacle and others that have shown up and probably a number that have not – YET. The impact, while still there, could have been minimized by coming out in front with an explanation instead of waiting until the bomb is dropped. However, not only has Obama chosen not to preempt the explosion and contain the damage by being pro-active, he then chooses to only reveal bits and pieces of the story, thereby making it worse when the other shoe falls.

 This is not the type of short range thinking and faulty judgment that is needed in a President. It is not needed at this time and not ever!


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Was South Carolina a Train Wreck for Hillary??

Train wreck in South Carolina for HillaryMaybe not! What’s the bigger story, Obama winning with 55% of the vote or the Clinton’s losing with 27% of the vote? I think Obama was expected to win BIG although none of the polls I saw had him taking her by more than 20%. A week ago the RCP composite poll only showed a 10.5% difference between the two with Obama on top. This is no doubt another shock for the pollsters and another reason why the voter should not use the polls as a guide.

Regardless of the above, I still believe the BIG story is the Clinton’s losing and here is the reason I think that way and while many are saying this is an omen of doom for the Clinton’s, I am not so sure. Before I go any further with this, I expect you have noted that I have referred to “the Clinton’s” and not Hillary Clinton in the South Carolina section. It is because husband Bill was so heavily involved in the campaign there. I also think the large spread in the votes is due to the black vote. The Clinton’s forced Obama into using the race issue. That made Obama THE black President! Then the Clinton campaign’s use of “dirty politics” galvanized the black vote for Obama and took away the black supporters the Clinton’s did have. Then again, it may have been the Clinton campaign strategy to lose South Carolina and label Obama as THE black candidate and dwell on that in the future primaries in Florida and the 22 taking place on “super Tuesday” hoping for an advantage with the white vote. Bill Clinton was quoted as saying that Jesse Jackson, when he ran in 1984 and again in 1988 won the state of South Carolina meaning that he, as a black candidate, won the black vote but it meant little in the entire picture.

Remember Carolina and Iowa does not necessarily a nominee make. Let’s take a look at all five state races thus far and how they shake out for number of votes per candidate, and what the electoral vote total is after these five contests. Primaries:

  • Clinton received 581,242 votes
  • Obama received 400,211 votes
  • Edwards received 142,394 votes
  • Uncommitted and Dropouts received 288,942 votes


  • Obama received 9512 votes
  • Clinton received 9510 votes
  • Edwards received 4605 votes
  • Uncommitted and dropouts received 507 votes


  • Obama has 63 delegates
  • Clinton has 48 delegates
  • Edwards has 26 delegates
  • Unallocated has 37 delegates

Obama has only 15 more delegates than Clinton at this juncture and in popular vote he is behind her by 181,240 votes. There are 37 unallocated delegates that could go either way at this point. I do not see this as a losing position for the Clinton’s because there are 57 delegates to be awarded in Florida, 280 in New York, 185 in Illinois and 440 in California. It is “super Tuesday’s outcome that will most likely tell a solid story on WHO the nominee will be.

When the Democratic Convention convenes in The Pepsi Center in Denver on August 25, 2008 the candidate who has a number equal to or greater than 2025 will be the Party’s Presidential candidate. Take a look at this website after the February 5th totals are all in and it will give you and idea of where each candidate stands delegate wise.


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Start your Day in A Better Way!

1. Open a new file in your computer. 
2. Name it ‘Hillary Rodham Clinton’ 
3. Send it to the Recycle Bin. 
4. Empty the Recycle Bin. 
5. Your PC will ask you. ‘Do you really want to get rid of ‘Hillary Rodham Clinton ?’ 
6 Firmly Click ‘Yes.’ 
7. Feel better. 
PS – Tomorrow we’ll do Nancy Pelosi

I feel better already!

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Happy New Year to you all!

YOU can make a difference!

In a manner of speaking, we are being given a new start with the new year. 2008 looks to be an exciting year with the caucus and primary season which actually opens tomorrow in Iowa. After the Iowa caucus, there are 7 more caucus’ and primaries in January and 32 in February. Of those 32, 22 states are holding them on 02/05/2008 which is why it’s named SUPER TUESDAY.

Illinois holds their primary on that date. Be sure to get to the polls and cast YOUR vote. It is YOUR right and it is YOUR respon sibility to do so. Don’t think YOU would get the opportunity to do this everywhere in the world. Take advantage of having YOUR voice heard. VOTE!

In November, YOU will again have the opportunity to vote, this time for President and Congresspersons and those Senators up for election. Many of the Congresspersons and Senators think they have a permanent job in Washington as they keep getting voted back in office. Some have been there 40 and 50 years. They do not represent the people, they represent themselves. Seeing as they keep voting down term limits because then they would have to get a real job after a specified time in office, the only way we have to terminate their job is by voting them out. Take a good look at what they do and if YOU think they are not representing your interests, consider voting for their opponent. Don’t take the advise of YOUR friends, YOUR boss, YOUR union or YOUR spouse, make up YOUR own mind. Then, if it don’t work out the way YOU wanted, YOU can only blame yourself.

Aside from politics, 2008 brings other opportunities for YOU. Get a BLOG, here on Wordpress or one of many other places on the Net. There are many places that are free to post to. For example, I have 2 other blogs and I write for another site on a regular basis. Make YOUR ideas and opinions known. If YOU don’t, they won’t make a difference, only YOU will know what they are.

I would also urge you to get involved some way in your community and if you are so disposed, get some additional education. Maybe take a college course in something that interests you or spend more time at the library. You ask, what is a library? I tell you it’s a place where they have thousands of books, magazines and newspapers, videos and cassettes and PC’s for your use. It is an amazing place and it’s FREE!.

Again, I wish you all a wonderful 2008 and remember, YOU can make it better!


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It Appears Huckabee Aint’ so Hot!

The following is an excerpt from Real Clear Politics showing the amoung Net people, Huckabee just ain’t makin’ it! I would urge you to go to http://www.realclearpolitics.com and check out the complete story and a great site.

“So, how do we evaluate the contrast between Huckabee’s rise in national polls versus his lackluster reception in the righty blogosphere?


Real Clear Politics’ John McIntyre says Huckabee has benefited because: “I suspect the voters have been very much turned off by the recent nastiness between Giuliani and Romney.”

Sounds a lot like this morning’s post on how John Edwards is potentially benefiting from the Obama-Clinton cage match.”


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When Experience Counts….

When Experience Counts…

It is interesting to note that while history shows that numerous Senators have tried to win the presidency (and still are), only two sitting U.S. Senators, each with 14 years of service as an elected official, ever attained that goal. They were Warren G. Harding and John F. Kennedy.

James Garfield was in a similar boat. He was a U.S. Congressman who was elected to the Senate in 1880 and he was also elected to the presidency the same year. He chose the presidency and was inaugurated on March 4, 1881. Unfortunately, he was shot on July 3, 1881 and died  two months later.

Could history be telling us something?


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