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Obama say Al Bore witll have Top Post in “His’ Administration?

Here are a few paragraphs from an article in yesterday’s news that say Nobama is going to give Al Bore a top level government position over global warming!

A woman at a town hall asked the Illinois senator if elected president would he consider tapping the former vice president for his Cabinet, or an even higher level office, to address global warming.

“I would,” Obama said. “Not only will I, but I will make a commitment that Al Gore will be at the table and play a central part in us figuring out how we solve this problem. He’s somebody I talk to on a regular basis. I’m already consulting with him in terms of these issues but climate change is real.”

Gore, who’s work on climate change earned him a Nobel Prize, he is popular among Democrats.

This PROVES Nobama is not thinking straight. Al Bore is a charletan, a faker, a phony, a windbag of hot empty air! Remember his claim that he “INVENTED THE INTERNET”? It’s the same with global warming. There are as many scientists that belive there is no such thing as believe there is. What global warming IS doing is making some people very wealthy and the only melting it’s doing is to the the savings of people like you and I. It is causing increased taxes on you and I and of course that is something Democrats love to do, increase YOUR TAXES. What does Al Bore’s movie and has Oscar and Nobel Prize have to do with anything? I will answer – NOTHING, he is still a BORE!

Hell, even Hillary is smarter than this, there’s no Bore for her!

I urge you to think thrice before you cast your vote for Nobama!


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I believe Obama has stepped into a BIG mess!

The following is a quote, YES, I said a quote from a speech Senator Obama gave in a town hall meeting in Western Pennsylvania:

“Look, I got two daughters — 9 years old and 6 years old,” he said. “I am going to teach them first about values and morals, but if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby. I don’t want them punished with an STD at age 16, so it doesn’t make sense to not give them information.”

What ever was he thinking? How does he sit with Catholic voters after this? I can’t believe that his handlers would even let him get that deep into the subject of abortion.

I can’t understand as a father, Grandfather and Great Garndfather how having a baby is PUNISHMENT! Of those children, several were born out of wedlock. Believe me they are not PUNISHMENT for anyone. Mr. Obama you have, I am sure alienated many people with that comment!


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It’s McCain or We Slide Down the Liberal Slide to Ruin!!!

However, if those whose oppose this choice vote OTHER than McCain OR don’t vote President at all, it is them we blame for the liberal morons who will control Washington, the increased taxes and outlandish give-away programs, the crumble of the middle east and the resultant shortages of oil. It is them we will blame for the influx of illegals crossing our borders and sucking our public assistence and social ecurity dollars dry.

It is them we can blame for foreign affairs policies that make other countries laugh at us behind our backs and take advantage of us to our face. It is them we will blame for those who would take our money and use it for anti-American campaigns.

It is them we blame for mandatory sub-standard healthcare and liberal teachers who are only interested in furthering liberalism and collecting their payroll checks and it is them we blame for the burgeoning number of government workers who know nothing, do nothing and are nothing.

I hope the voters who choose this type of vote are ready and willing to shoulder the consequences of that vote!


I am a supporter of McCain for President

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Obama missed another Vote – To Busy I guess!

Once again our Senator Obama failed to vote on a serious bill before the Senate:

Recent Senate Votes

National Defense Authorization Act, FY2008 – Vote Passed (91-3, 6 Not Voting)

The Senate approved a modified version of the defense authorization bill, which addressed concerns that caused President Bush to unexpectedly veto the original bill last month.

Sen. Richard Durbin voted YES……send e-mail or see bio
Sen. Barack Obama voted Not Voting……send e-mail or see bio

However, by the way the vote turned out, it shows he is not even needed in the Senate. They are so used to him not being there that they do just fine without him.

It is shameful that he puts his own interest ahead of the people of Illinois who he is supposed to be representing AND he is getting paid to do!

I see in the paper his non-associations with Anton Rezko got him donations in an amount near $150,000.00 – pretty good for not having anything to do with the man! He refunded the money or gave it to charity but this has been going on for YEARS!Stay tuned on this one… There must be more to come!


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Barack Obama’s Gang of Four!

If this isn’t just like those who foment the liberal philosophy, they blame their own shortcomings on someone else instead of looking toward themselves as a reason for their problem/defeat. 

 There was an article posted at NewsMax http://www.newsmax.com/insidecover/John_Kerry_and_his
about the “Gang of Four” all endorsing Obama because of their all consuming hatred for Hillary and Bill Clinton.  It would seem to me that they would state some issue that Obama has as a reason for the endorsement to offset the REAL reason that I previously mentioned.  

This act of complete disregard for intelligent thought (what am I saying, I am talking about Kennedy, Bore, Kerry and Dean and I reference intelligence??) is possibly in all reality giving Hillary an indirect boost because there are many of those who have less than undying admiration for those who make up the “the gang of Four”.  

I can’t help but figure this was expected by Hillary’s people and should she be elected (oh my God, there I go again, must be something I ate) SHE will get HER revenge! Count on it!

Incidentally, “THe Gang of Four should really be called “The Useless Gang of Four”.


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Ministers say they didn’t endorse Obama

This is a hot off the press AP story with quotes. I would say this mess was due to extremely sloppy record keeping by Obama’s staff or some over zealous campaigning on his behalf! In either case, it don’t look good for Obama especially when the same thing happened to Hillary Clinton. One would think he would be more careful unless….

Ministers say they didn’t endorse Obama


By SEANNA ADCOX, Associated Press WriterWed Dec 26, 5:16 PM ET

“Two black South Carolina ministers listed by Barack Obama’s campaign as endorsing his White House bid say they did no such thing, and at least two others affirmed their support only after being contacted by campaign workers when questions were raised about their endorsements.

Earlier this month, Obama’s campaign released a list of what it said were nearly 130 senior pastors in South Carolina endorsing his run for the Democratic nomination. But when contacted by The Associated Press, several ministers said they have yet to decide who will get their vote and were unclear how they ended up on the Illinois senator’s list.

“I really haven’t decided to endorse him yet. I was thinking about it,” said the Rev. Clifford Gaymon of Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church in rural Clarendon County.

An Obama spokeswoman said the list was created after campaign organizers called ministers and asked to release their names publicly.

“We used all our resources to ensure we had the most accurate and up-to-date list, and we worked to check with everyone on the list,” said South Carolina spokeswoman Amaya Smith. “It’s a pretty long list of people.”

But some ministers said their names were used without their permission. Gaymon, mistakenly listed as retired on the Obama list, said he’s been to campaign events to find out more about the Illinois senator, but did not receive a phone call about making an endorsement.

The Rev. Michael Blue of Door of Hope Christian Church in Marion was added to the list without permission and has asked the Obama campaign to take his name off the list, said church spokesman Ronnie Green.

Inaccuracies and murky tallies are not unique to the Obama campaign when in comes to touting the endorsements of black ministers in this early voting state — rival Hillary Rodham Clinton ran into some of the same questions after her campaign released its list of endorsements from black ministers late last month.

Blacks comprise nearly half the Democratic primary vote in South Carolina, and the candidates are looking for an edge with the critical voting bloc.

The majority of people endorsing each candidate was accurate, according to the AP reviews, and many supporters said they are eager to lend a hand.

Both campaigns lists’ had some sloppy record keeping: misspelled names, churches listed in incorrect cities and beside incorrect names. But, like Clinton’s list, Obama has some other substantial inconsistencies.

When Obama’s campaign released its list of ministers Dec. 4, it said everyone on it was a senior pastor, unless otherwise noted. That meant there were 122 senior pastors and three associate pastors of different churches and ministries, including four retirees.

Before supplying a second list to the AP a day later, the campaign withdrew two names and added one, and noted a fourth associate pastor. The AP review found at least two more associate pastors and a youth pastor’s assistant.”

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Another Obama missed vote – Maybe we should call him NO-bama!

Maybe we should be calling him NO-bama! Because of his less than impressive voting record in the UNITED STATES SENATE! Here is another VERY IMPORTANT bill that he was not around to vote on.

Consolidated Appropriations, FY2008 – Vote Agreed to (76-17, 1 Present, 6 Not Voting)

The Senate passed H.R. 2764, a 2008 fiscal year omnibus appropriations bill that provides additional war funding.

Sen. Richard Durbin voted YES……send e-mail or see bio
Sen. Barack Obama voted Not Voting……send e-mail or see bio

Even Durbin voted YES on this bill! He must have not gotten through to NO-bama with his instructions on how he wanted NO-bama to vote!

He is making up lame excuses for all the “PRESENT” votes he cast while an Illinois State Senator but neary a word is said about his less than stellar representation of the People of Illinois since he has been The United States Senator from Illinois!

They can make all the excuses for him they want, HE DOES NOT DO HIS JOB. We are payiung his salary to “follow his dream” of becoming President. In addition we are paying for his security and only god knows what else. At the end of November he has raised over $80 Million dollars – he could certainly pay for security but no way, he gives money to other politicians for their campaigns so they will support HIS. Sounds like pimping the issue to me!

February 5th you will do well to VOTE NO-bama!


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John Kerry Whines in Fund Raising Email

 Below is an email I recieved from John Kerry, please notice the third and fourth paragraphs. What a phoney. This whole thing sounds like the Democrats are worried (roadblock Republicans, comment). He wants to get the things they have dreamed of for years in 2008, sure the last 2 years have been a bust for Congress – THE DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS that is- they have done nothing, they have not kept any of their campaign promises. They know they are going to lose! He is actually pleading for donations. What a whining phoney!

“I just wanted to mention one more thing I didn’t mention in my last email: in politics,  the end of the year marks the end of another fundraising quarter, and this one really counts for our friends who are trying to pick up some hard fought seats currently occupied by Roadblock Republicans.

When these numbers get reported in January, Republicans will pore over them looking for who might be vulnerable to attack. We want to show them that these Democrats are ready for the fight and can take anything the GOP can throw at them.

So do what you can to signal to the Republicans that 2008 will be a very bad year for them, and a very good year for Democrats.

And to widen the battlefield, I want to introduce another great Democrat to our fundraising mix: Tom Udall in New Mexico.  New Mexico is suddenly a great opportunity for Democrats to knock another brick out of the Republican Roadblock. And Tom’s been a true progressive fighter in the House — with his victory, it’s going to be a great year for Democrats next year all over the country.

So let’s give them the money they need now, and let’s get to work in 2008.

One last thing: Teresa and I would just like to wish all of you a very happy holiday season, and a wonderful new year. Thank you for all you do — and let’s join in a New Year’s resolution to make 2008 the year we build a big progressive majority in the United States that can get done all the things we’ve hoped for and dreamed of all these years.Thanks for your help,
John Kerry
 John Kerry For U.S. Senate
129 Portland Street, Suite 500
Boston, MA 02114-2014


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