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Obama & Pelosi will CUT Medicare and Raise Taxes to Pay for Healthcare

Pelosi and HER House Democrats plan to pay for a sweeping health care overhaul by boosting taxes on the wealthy. (You can bet the tax increase will have an adverse effect on ALL of us.)

They claim taxes will hit households with incomes of $350,000 a year and above.

Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel of New York said the tax would raise $540 billion over 10 years. (Charlie Rangel never saw a TAX he did not like. He is probably drooling ovr this)

In combination with cuts to Medicare and Medicaid that would pay for a comprehensive health bill in the range of $1 trillion. ( Hey you Seniors and others on Medicare, they are talking about CUTTING YOUR BENEFITS to pay for the Socialized medicine they are promoting.)
Friday, President Barack Hussein Obama acknowledged the tough going for his health care overhaul, but rejected the notion the legislation is doomed if lawmakers fail to act by August. “I never believe anything is do or die,” Barack Hussein Obama said. (He thinks that whatever he wants. he should get and the hell with those it hurts!)

“We’re closer to that significant reform than at any time in recent history,” Barack Hussein Obama told reporters (Maybe he should stop and THINK for once, People are not all that excited about HIS plan and even some of his own party are objecting! )

I suggest that you do what I have done. Write your Senators and Representative and the President tell them you do not want the government in the healthcare business.RWD

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FISA approved by Senate – Bomb to Democrats

Yesterday the Senate voted to expand the authority of the Government spy/wiretap program for up to the next six years by a HUGE vote of 68 to 29. This is a BIG VICTORY for PRESIDENT BUSH and A STUNNING DEFEAT FOR THE DEMOCRATS.

John McCain voted in favor of the legislation while, curiously to me, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama did not even vote but each issued a statement later that they opposed the final outcome. In review of the other Senators that from each state Clinton and Obama represent (Durbin D-Il and Schumer D-NY) they both voted against the measure.

Former Democratic Presidential candidates Russ Feingold and Chris Dodd both has been outspoken in their opposition to the bill and of course voted against it.

President Bush has asked the House of Representatives to follow the Senates lead and quickly approve the legislation. The current allowance for this form of protection for our country from the terrorists who want us dead is due to expire Saturday of this week.

I urge you to contact your Congress persons and voice your wishes that this bill be approved and sent to the President without change or delay as soon as possible. The fate of the Country could be in your hands! 


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