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Happy New Year to you all!

YOU can make a difference!

In a manner of speaking, we are being given a new start with the new year. 2008 looks to be an exciting year with the caucus and primary season which actually opens tomorrow in Iowa. After the Iowa caucus, there are 7 more caucus’ and primaries in January and 32 in February. Of those 32, 22 states are holding them on 02/05/2008 which is why it’s named SUPER TUESDAY.

Illinois holds their primary on that date. Be sure to get to the polls and cast YOUR vote. It is YOUR right and it is YOUR respon sibility to do so. Don’t think YOU would get the opportunity to do this everywhere in the world. Take advantage of having YOUR voice heard. VOTE!

In November, YOU will again have the opportunity to vote, this time for President and Congresspersons and those Senators up for election. Many of the Congresspersons and Senators think they have a permanent job in Washington as they keep getting voted back in office. Some have been there 40 and 50 years. They do not represent the people, they represent themselves. Seeing as they keep voting down term limits because then they would have to get a real job after a specified time in office, the only way we have to terminate their job is by voting them out. Take a good look at what they do and if YOU think they are not representing your interests, consider voting for their opponent. Don’t take the advise of YOUR friends, YOUR boss, YOUR union or YOUR spouse, make up YOUR own mind. Then, if it don’t work out the way YOU wanted, YOU can only blame yourself.

Aside from politics, 2008 brings other opportunities for YOU. Get a BLOG, here on Wordpress or one of many other places on the Net. There are many places that are free to post to. For example, I have 2 other blogs and I write for another site on a regular basis. Make YOUR ideas and opinions known. If YOU don’t, they won’t make a difference, only YOU will know what they are.

I would also urge you to get involved some way in your community and if you are so disposed, get some additional education. Maybe take a college course in something that interests you or spend more time at the library. You ask, what is a library? I tell you it’s a place where they have thousands of books, magazines and newspapers, videos and cassettes and PC’s for your use. It is an amazing place and it’s FREE!.

Again, I wish you all a wonderful 2008 and remember, YOU can make it better!


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