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Barack Hussein Obama “praises” Socialist W.E.B. DuBois

In the speech given yesterday by Barack Hussein Obama at the NAACP convention, he mentioned that his path to the Presidency was cleared for him by those such as Thurgod Marshall and W.E.B. Dubois. What he forgot to mention was that Dubois was a Communist/Socialist and had championed and admired Joseph Stalin as a “great man”!

DuBois was also investigated by the FBI (ordered during FDR’s administration) for what was basically termed as “un-American activities” in his opposition to nuclear weapons, opposition to the U.S. position in the Korean War and being a Socialist! DuBois visited Russia, Communist China and Africa durijng his life and was questioned by the House Un-American Activities Committee on his Socialism. Later on he was indicted by the U.S. as a foriegn agent but sadly was acquited of those charges.

This is the pedigree (political and idealogical) of W.E.B. DuBois, a man whom Barack Hussein Obama looks up to and credits the advancement of African Americans in the U.S. What happened to the other great African Americans who were solid American citizens and not Comunists, Socialists and/or radical progressives?

Mr. W.E.B. Dubois thought so much about America that in 1961 he became a citizen of Ghana. His U.S. passpoort was cancelled and he never did renounce his American citizenship.

While it is true that DuBois did much to advance the way for African Americans in the U.S., he also did equally as much to tear down the fabric of America. I would think that Barack Hussein Obama could find a better example.

An example of a true American hero and someone to look up to would be Gunnery Sgt. Carlos Hathcock, the top sniper in the Marine Corps, a recipient of the SILVER STAR and a PURPLE HEART along with numerous additional medals, who had more than 93 confirmed kills in Viet Nam and who Charles Henderson wrote about in “MARINE SNIPER”. Hathcock was a legend in his own time who was also written about in “ONE SHOT-ONE KILL by Charles Sasser and in “WHITE FEATHER – USMC SCOUT SNIPER” by R.A. Chandler.

If DuBois is the type of person that Barack Hussein Obama looks up to for his “greatness”, it really makes me wonder what “stuff” Barack Hussein Obama is made of!


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