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Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the Rest of the Liberals are using Ted Kennedy’s Death to Further the Obamacare Bill Passage!

Teddy “The Swimmer” Kennedy died and within hours of his death the champion of what is good for Americans, The Queen of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi was calling her Democratic ltoadies with a new idea to ram through the Obamacare bill. They will now play on the sympathy of the unknowing voters and those who revere the Kennedy name REGARDLESS of the dastardly deeds old Teddy did. The media is making a saint out of the drunken Monster of Chappaquiddick and the Liberal/Socialist leadership in Congress will be leaning on the Blue Dog Democrats in trumpeting forth their message – We will now call HB 3200 the Kennedy Health Care Bill – “Let’s do it for TEDDY!” “Let’s give Teddy a legacy (beyond the death of Mary Jo Kopechne and “waitress sandwiches ask Chris Dodd“– pass HIS bill”, “lwin one for TEDDY”. If this isn’t sickening I don’t know what is!

Queen Pelosi and the rest of the liberals who are going to use Teddy “The Swimmer” to get people to say, “it’s OK, if Teddy wanted it, it must be alright, it must be good for the country”

What it simply is, is despicable beyond belief and understanding. This is enough to make a thinking person vomit!

No matter what they call it or whose name is on it – – it still the same bill and it still absolutely no damn good!


I have said it here before and I will say it again; Teddy Kennedy is a poster child for all that is good about having term limits!

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Exposed, Chris Dodd, Obama’s Friend in the Senate on Healthcare

The following, based on an article excerpt from NYT, shows how much of a whore Chris Dodd is and makes you wonder IF all the rest of the Democrats, including Barack Hussein Obama, play the same dirty, games!

Senator Christopher J. Dodd from Connecticut has a central role in the Senate debate about Barack Hussein Obama’s health care plans, the pharmaceutical industry has helped finance efforts to build up his sagging image back home as he looks at a brutal re-election contest.

The drug industry campaign for Mr. Dodd, tout him as a defender of ordinary citizens in brochures sent to better than 100,000 houses in his home state and in a 30-second television spot.

For Mr. Dodd, the support provided by PhRMA, the drugg industry lobbying arm, comes at a politically sensitive, awkward, time. He is trying to fight the fact that he has become way too close to powerful interest groups in D.C. after 28 years in the Senate (do I hear TERM LIMITS needed here).

Dodd’s own campaign produced two videos, “Lobbyists Cry” and “The Blues,” presenting him as a politician who has given Washington lobbyists a hard time. He also sent out a fund-raising request saying that lobbyists cannt access him.

Lobbyists can’t meet with Chris, the piece says. He won’t take their calls. He allegedly yells at them during hearings but it says nothing about his dinner and cocktail meetings after working hours.

Take a look on line at alist of Dodd’s donors and decide for yourself. In the past four years he has raised $6,528,569.00 (you don’t think it fell from the sky do you) Go to the following website and check: http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/summary.php?cid=N00000581&cycle=2010


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