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Obama’s BIG Buddy, Michael Moore has a new and predictably Ridiculous Movie out called CAPITALISM!

Barack Hussein Obama who is socialistic by nature and one of his large (and I do mean LARGE as in BEYOND ROTUND) supporters is making money hand over fist denouncing capitalism (Obama likes that).

Don’t you think it strange that Moore (whom I usually refer to as “Michael “the Overweight Rodent” Moore”) makes all his movies based on liberal thinking and being adverse to capitalism and then all he does is make money from it. That IS capitalism in my book. Capitalism = free enterprise and Moore is against it except he is becoming a multi-millionaire because of it.
Whoever would have thought that Michael “The Rotund One” Moore would be a capitalist?
Does that mean Moore is OXYMORONIC or simply just a MORON?


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Barack Hussein Obama’s man Timothy Geithner’s Plan Rejects Capitalism and Personal Responsibility!

This was sent to me by a friend who said she got it from RED WARNING blog (I am unable toi locate a blog by that name but wish to credit as best I can:

Timothy Geithner, who could not manage to properly oversee his own taxes, is today briefing Congress on the Obama Administration¹s plan for a huge expansion of centralized government oversight and regulation of any company that — handles money. This proposed plan will prevent risk taking, reduce returns for investors, limit incomes for financial managers, and stymie innovation.

The Obama/Geithner plan is a rejection of capitalism and personal responsibility. It will be hedged in terms like ³policing risk² and ³restoring faith in the financial system² and ³limited only to those very large institutions², but what it will produce is a massive flight of investment capital offshore, along with a brain drain of financial talent chasing that offshore capital. Make no mistake; the Statists in the Obama administration intend to regulate ALL financial institutions, down to the smallest self-directed investor.

The result will be lackluster returns on all financial instruments, meaning the private investments people make for retirement will no longer be able to satisfy their long term financial needs. The next step would then be a Statist uniform national retirement plan.

In short, this is a plan for the Socialization of US financial markets and personal retirement accounts. No risk, no reward, and vilification of anyone who seeks to take risks and have rewards.


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