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Teddy “the Swimmer” Kennedy is Dead and Mary Jo Kopechne HAS BEEN DEAD FOR 40 Years Because of Him! Is This Finally Justice? I don’t Think So. Justice SHOULD Have Been Done When Mary Jo Was Killed!

WHAT MOST PEOPLE MAY HAVE MISSED ABOUT MARY JO KOPECHNE’s alleged accidental death is that she… had worked on Robert Kennedy‘s campaign in the FINANCE/DONOR section!

Is it possible that Mary Jo Kopechne was MURDERED to keep her from discussing something or someone she had seen or learned about while working as a volunteer on Bobby Kennedy’s presidential campaign?

She worked in the FINANCES of Bobby’s campaign. She had the opportunity to see/hear many things.

Did she witness millions of dollars of Mafia money, from his father’s Mafia ties, being dumped into the RFK campaign? Who knows, it certainly is a possibility is it not? It did happen in the JFK campaign as we all know.

Many questions and no answers.

I was out an hour or so ago listening to the car radio for about one hour total. Not once, on three different staions, did I hear the mention of Mary Jo’s name! The only thing they talked about was Teddy “The Swimmer” Kennedy’s record on legislation that helped the poor and underpriviledged. The media was making this monster into some sort of God!

Barack Hussein Obama said such wonderful things that I thought my radio would start to glow!



ps. For some interesting reading on Teddy Kennedy, try the following books:

Those Kennedy Men
Teddy Bare
The Senator
Chappaquidick Decision
Chappaquidick – The Real Story
The Inspectors Opinion

I have, in my personal library, the titles above in addition to several others. I can add many more to the list if you wish or you can go to Amazon and search for Ted Kennedy books and see what you come up with.

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