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Seven Liberal Democratic Senator Try to Stop ACORN From Falling?Failing!

The United States Senate voted overwhelmingly (83-7) to de-fund ACORN.

“which party did the 7 who voted against de-funding ACORN belong to?”

The Liberal Democratic Party of course, including the leftist loon Dick “little Dickie” Durbin, you know that great supporter of our armed forces who actually compared our troops to Nazis on the floor of the senate, and the admitted Socialist Bernie Sanders and Roland Burris who is so lost he always votes the way Little Dickie Durbin votes or Durbin won’t take him back home to Illinois.

Here is a list of those who voted to continue funding of ACORN. The first two from Illinois, Obama’s state, probably were told by Barack Hussein Obama exactly HOW to vote for his old employer and his current source of funding.

Dick Durbin D-IL
Roland Buriss D-IL
Robert Casey D-PA
Kristen Gillbran D-NY

Patrick Leahy D-VT

Sheldon Whitehouse D-RI
Bernie Sanders D-VT

My Source: Senatorial Record.

This is an embarrassing look at the pathetic people who are running this country from the LIBERAL side!


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