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Obama Fails in Judgement Test, McCain Surges Ahead!


Then the McCain campaign pulled off one of the most successful head fakes in modern American politics. Obama had to decide not only whether or not to choose Hillary, but whether to go with another woman, likely Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius. Had he opted for either woman, the odds are that he would have won the election, but McCain out maneuvered him. Through leaks and judiciously planted stories, the McCain campaign convinced Obama and his people that the Republicans were going to nominate a man Romney, Lieberman, or Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty instead of Sarah Palin who they had, in fact, been eyeing for the job for weeks and weeks before.


What would have happened if this had been one of the leaders of the AXIS of EVIL who want to do us in?

It’s a good thing it was John McCain who outsmarted Baracl Obama first.

This easily shows WHY Obama should never be our President. He has NO SMARTS! He was outsmarted by a man who HE says is out of touch with reality and the American People! Holy Moly, is that a crock or what?


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