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Barack Hussein Obama and his ever present TELEPROMPTER

Just in case you missed this:


Thanks to REALCLEARPOLITICS.COM we have, in living color, a video of Barack Hussein Obama giving a speech to a classroom in an elementary school and having to use a teleprompter. This is hilarious! Barack Hussein Obama is clearly unable to put a decent sentence together that even an 11-12 year old would understand. Doesn’t this give you confidence when your President is speaking off the cuff to diplomats, head of state of other countries or high up corporate executives in an atmosphere where the is no way a teleprompter could be utilized? It scares the hell out of me and makes me wonder how this moron ever was elected! It is embarrassing that Barack Hussein Obama even came from my state of Illinois. we have many political figures, mostly Democrats I am sorry to say, that can speak clearly, use the correct words and never utilize a teleprompter.


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