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Barack Obama’s Oil Spill Speech; The “I’s” say it all!

The June 15, 2001 Oval Office Address (Short Version): “I’ve returned … I assembled a team … I’d like to lay out … I’ve authorized … I urge the governors … I saw and heard … I’ve talked … I’ve seen … I’ve talked … I refuse … I will meet … I make … I asked … I approved … I want to know … I met with … I’ve established … I’ve issued … I know … I urge … I expect … I was a candidate … I laid out … I say … I am happy … I will not accept … I will not settle…” by Barack Hussein Obama

Typical self promotion and campaign like pitch for his energy (Cap and Trade) programs. Where has he been for the past 53 days? He has been partying and playing and avoiding the issue. Where is FEMA? Have they been made aware that this is Obama’s “Katrina”?
How, in good consious can Barack Obama use a tragedy like we have not seen before to his own political advantage? How can Barack Obama blame the admisistration of President George W. Bush for this tragedy?

Lots of questions and Obama’s has “I’s”


Only 949 days left for Obama!

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