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Obama’s “stimulus” Dollars at Work! See this short list!

The website: http://www.mywastedtaxdollars.org had the following bits of information. This website is spondored by CITIZENS AGAINST GOVERNMENT WASTE another more than worthwhile organization. Please check out their website as well!

Here are some figures that will make your stomach turn:

$1.1 million to beautify Hollywood’s Sunset Strip
$5 million to pay for a bridge the city of Kansas City, MO had already agreed to pay for
$1 million to fund Missouri Quitline telephone counseling for Missourians who want to kick the habit
$935,000 to fund a dance troupe to weatherize homes in Washington, DC


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  1. Unbelievable! Didn’t BO promise to eliminate waste in government? Oh yes, yes he did but I suppose that was another little “white” lie he told along with transparency and change that obviously WE CAN’T believe in because, in fact, we just CAN’T believe it! I guess someone should have asked him to be very specific about what kind of change he was promising as many of us had no idea he was talking about change towards a fully Socialist regime in America.

    Comment by roblorinov | March 22, 2010 | Reply

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