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Obama Healthcare in the Senate – I wrote my Democratic Senators! Please write yours!

go public option,Here i s a copy of the letter I sent (text only) to both my Democratic Senators (Burris and Durbin) let’s see what kind of response this brings. I always get a receipt acknowledgement of the letter/email from Burris but never any comments of explanation. Durbin always sends an explanation, usually after the vote and at times on a different topic than what I wrote about.

I REJECT and OPPOSE any and all forms of government-run health care — from the so-called “public option,” to the unconstitutional individual mandate that would force American citizens to purchase insurance. The Congressional Budget Office stated that “a mandate requiring all individuals to purchase health insurance would be an unprecedented form of
federal action.”

I also am outraged by the tactics being employed by both House and Senate leaders to push this bill through against the clear will of the American people. Crafting final bills behind closed doors and withholding the actual text of the bills until the very last minute are despicable political tactics.

I will not tolerate such action, and urge you to OPPOSE any and all forms of government-run health care plans that ignore the constitution and force me, or my family to comply!

We are watching your action,


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