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Barack Hussein Obama takes Credit for and Profits From Books Ayres Wrote it Appears!

The following link to BLOG of a Chicago area blogster who has done much research into Ayres writing Obama’s books and bring forth solid proof of same. Give it a look!


Some of the comments are also right on the money and point out that Barack Hussein Obama is a bald faced liar and is taking credit for something (and profiting from) the work of someone else.

In review, it figures that Obama would do something like this and continue to do such things (taking Alice Palmer’s place on the ballot, accepting the Nobel prize when he did nothing to earn it) This man is unbelieveable as to the heights he will go to in order to feed his oversized EGO! I am sure there is more to come. In fact, it is entirely possible that the reason behind Barack Hussein Obama’s constant pusihing for a Healthcare Bill being passed, is so he can say he did it and use that as a base for his 2012 Presidential bid! Nothing this man does any longer surporises me.


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