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Barack Hussein Obama’s Talk and Biden Take = both WRONG!

I will give MY rebuttal to the following comments made by Joe Biden, our nitwit Vice President, in the bracketed and bolded words following his comments in the following paragraphs;

Vice President Joe Biden asserted Thursday that a health care bill will be done by Thanksgiving (it may be a TURKEY of a bill but it will not be DONE by Thanksgiving) because President Barack Obama has “re-centered debate” (Barack Hussein Obama said nothing new, it was the same crapola bill discussed in different words) and there’s an emerging bipartisan (Biden must be on the sauce, I see further division, even among the Democrats against the bill and it is being fueled by public outcry against the bill)consensus for change despite fights over details like the government-run option (Biden calls the a “detail” – it seems that it more like a mountain sized impediment) .

“I think the most important thing he did, he also debunked a lot of the myths out there, the idea of death panels, that we were going to insure undocumented aliens,” said Biden,( he, Barack Hussein Obama, debunked nothing. He simply used different words and as I see it, DEMANDED it is what HE wants and that is why it must be passed) touring the morning network news shows (I think he was making a pest out of himself) a day after Barack Hussein Obama delivered what he hopes was a game-changing appeal to a joint session of Congress (the keyword here is APPEAL. Barack Hussein Obama KNOWS his bill is in trouble).

Barack Hussein Obama went to Capitol Hill determined to sweep away a summer of gridlock on his top domestic priority, and his vice president argued that he’d accomplished just that in the nationally broadcast, prime-time address. (somebody has to cheer for him and I guess it may just as well be his lackey Vice President. (I have heard nothing on the street except that people are sick of it and they didn’t watch it to saying it was nothing new and a few who said they thought it was a good speech)

“I believe we will have a bill,” Biden said. “I’ve been in the Congress for a very long time (much to long in my opinion), eight presidents. I believe we will have a bill before Thanksgiving.”(we have to remember he has been wrong many times before, like all the times he ran for President and got NO BACKING)

Obamacare should be dead! The Democrats who are in favor of the bill are worried, otherwise why would he have gone on TV in an address to Congress that lasted 45 minutes. Oh, I forgot, Barack Hussein Obama thinks we all like to see his face as much as he does. He even invoked the memory of Ted Kennedy in his speech. He said that Kennedy worked tirelessly for those in need (what did he do for Mary Jo Koepechne?.) This is a joke! Give us a break and do some work on something worthwhile!


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