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HR 3200 – The Healthcare Bill as proposed by the House (Nancy Pelosi)

The following is a link to the healthcare bill as proposed by the House. It is entitled HR 3200 – – To provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans and reduce the growth in health care spending, and for other purposes.

Click to access getdoc.cgi

Please copy and paste it into your browser window and attempt to read all 1017 pages.


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Barack Hussein Obama’s Credibility is “Going Down the Crapper”

A seriously widening credibility gap has shown up between President Barack Hussein Obama and the voting public in this country over his healthcare proposals, with 72 percent of the voters saying his promise to enact a deficit-neutral overhaul of healthcare is a whopper of a lie.

The new Quinnipiac University poll finds that by a 72 to 21 percent margin, Americans do not believe Barack Hussein Obama will keep his promise to enact healthcare reform without adding to the federal budget deficit which in turn will cause an increase in taxes on the public.

And by 57 percent to 37 percent, voters say healthcare reform should be dropped if it is going to add “significantly” to the deficit.

Based on interviewed with 2,400 likely voters, the poll reflects a deepening skepticism toward Obama’s plans to transform the nation’s healthcare system, which accounts for one-sixth of U.S. economic activity.

“President Barack Obama and Democratic leaders in Congress appear to be (I say they are) losing the public relations war over their plan to revamp the nation’s healthcare system,” said Peter A. Brown, the polling institute’s assistant director.

“Americans are willing to scrap a healthcare overhaul than they are to increase the debt in order to produce such legislation, people are tired of the constant outlandish spending.” That’s bad news for the White House and the leaders in Congress when they try to sell their plan to the voters this month before Congress returns to Washington and the voting gets serious on Capitol Hill in September.

This Quinnipiac survey shows that without a doubt, and despite Obama’s insistence that is will not, voters believe healthcare reform is going to add to the nation’s growing storm of debt. The voting public is not a stupid as the liberals in Washington thinks they are, they know that raising the debt will ultimately call for increased taxes to pay for it.

On July 29, 2009; during a town hall meeting in a Raleigh, N.C., high school, Barack Hussein Obama assured those in attendance : “I will not sign a healthcare bill that is not deficit-neutral, that is not paid for.” He has said numerous times “I will not raise your taxes”.

If Barack Hussein Obama and the Democratic Congress proceed to act STUPIDLY when it comes to the healthcare matter, they will find out starting with the 2010 elections and continuing thru the 2012 elections that the voting public is fed up with their lies and the way they run rough-shod over people and the out of control spending habits they have.


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Obama’s SEIU Supporters Physically Attack Non-Supporters of His Healthcare Plan at Townhall Meetings!

It appears that the MOB attendees at the townhall forums are actually there is support of OBAMACARE and not against it AND those MOB THUGS are getting violent.

It seems that Barack Hussein Obama and his OBAMACARE plan is receiving PHYSICAL support in the form of THUGS from the SEIU. That is the union you will recall that strongly pushed for Obama to be elected and donated in excess of $60 Million dollars to his campaign.

Reports from Florida indicate the hastily scheduled townhall with Kathy Castor ended badly, as predicted, because of SEIU thugs.
The event was conveniently held in a forum where only 250 people could fit. 1000 people showed up. SEIU members were given reserved seating that took up at least half of the 250 seats. As people came in who visibly oppose the Democrats healthcare plan, SEIU members barred access to the room.
Here is a report from St. Louis reagrding the melee that broke out when the SEIU thugs were attacking a man trying to sell Tea Bag Flags to the people attending Rep. Carrnahan’s TownHall Meeting.
Here you have huge SEIU members attacking peaceful protesters.
A white SEIU member attacks a black conservative….where are the calls
of racism? Notice when the police show up – The SEIU member cannot believe
he is getting arrested. I guess he thought when Obama told them to push back
twice as hard he would not get in trouble. I wonder if Obama will say the police
acted “stupidly” in arresting the SEIU member?
They arrested the SEIU idiot for his own protection.”

The question here is; Does Barack Hussein Obama know about this AND does he care? I guess we can add; Will Obama apologize for the actions of the goons that support his plan and dote on his every word?


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Barak Hussein Obama – Happenings and Problems TODAY!

To start with, today, August 05, 2009 is Obama’s 48th Birthday. One presnt, I gues that is what you would call it, is that the Caribbean nation of Antigua, named it’s highest mountain “MOUNT OBAMA” ! That’s is definitely something to tell his Grandchildren about!
The Senator’s of the Democratic caucus sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to him at a luncheon in the State Dining room at the White House. This PROVES that Barack Hussein Obama is no JFK who had the beautiful Marilyn Monroe sing HIM happy birthday at Madison Square Garden during his term as President. Tell me, who would YOU rather have sing to you, an attrative blond or Dick Durbin? Case clsoed!
One of the Obama administrations BIGGEST wealth re-distribution projects, THE CASH for CLUNKERS” program is grossly under-funded and is in danger of collapse. GOOD, HOORAY, WAY-To-GO! I can’t understand WHY I should be forced to pay toward someone elses purchase of an automobile! They are taking MY money (and yours) and giving it away so another (who should pay for his/her own car) can buy a new “green” automobile. Nonsense IMHO!
You are probably asking, what the hell does he want the BIRTHERS and OBAMA to give up! Well, it is easy, BIRTHERS-give up the ridiculous claims that Barack Hussein Obama is not an American citizen and OBAMA – give up your REAL birth records. Why you are hiding them is a mystery to me and I am sure many others. GUYS, we have much more important things to resolve in this country than the BIRTH CERTIFICATE of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!
How can the American public think for one moment that the healthcare rewrite that Barack Hussein Obama is mandating be done (now before the end of the year, it was by August but no way Jose, it wasn’t happening) because HE says so, is the best thing since sliced bread? One only has to look at the Post Office or the Veterans administration or the Department of Education or the Transportation Safety Admistartion and untold other government run “businesses” are being run (run into the ground is better term) to see that the government in no way can handle the job of healthcare!
After six months in the Oval Office, Pres. Barack Obama has a lower job-approval rating than did ten of the last twelve presidents at the same point in their presidencies. Obama still ranks high in personal popularity, his numbers have dropped from percentages in the high 60s down to the low 50s, and are still dropping. His policies are greatly disliked and one reason is sure to be that he is unable to admit error, to apologize, or to voice other people can readily can see to be true. He will not admit to defeat as he feels he can do no wrong The next six moinths will have a real story and in 2012, “the rest of the story!
The Obama administration is claiming that the opposition against the healtcare plan is organized by rightwing special interest groups and is made up of “shills” attending townhall meetings and interupting them. NEWS FLASH LIBERALS! Those are real people. Real people who are pissed off because you are trying to foist a healthcare bill on them that is poorly drafted, socialistic and incomplete, bcause you claim that you will not raise taxes but you can’t explain where the money will come from to pay for the healthcare!
Plus, IF you want to bring up the subject of “shills” attending town hall meetings, what about your use of union activists, ACORN members, Democrtatic workers shipped in from other parts of the country? What about even worse, the use of phoney voters to vote for your candidates. What about ACORN placing bogus signatures on petitions to get people on the ballots – VOTE FRAUD?
Barack Hussein Obama THESE are your people, your supporters, do you condone this? If so, how can we trust YOU!


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Barack Hussein Obama is a “HOG”!!

Obama Is ‘Camera Hog in Chief’ that is!

President Barack Obama is shattering every record kept on U.S. presidential press coverage in all forms of media.
Over the first six months of 2009, Obama was cited in 1.1 million stories in the mainstream, Internet, and social media — an average of 6,100 references a day, according to a Forbes.com article headlined “Camera Hog in Chief.”
“That’s more than triple what Obama’s last two predecessors, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, got in the mainstream press during their first six months,” Forbes observed.
In the first half of this year, Obama delivered 281 speeches, gave 88 interviews to journalists, hosted 30 news conferences, and emceed 14 town hall meetings, according to Mark Knoller of CBS News, who has covered every president since Gerald Ford.
There is evidence, however, that Americans could be getting “Obama-ed out.” His February address to Congress drew 52 million viewers. His news conference in late July, focusing on healthcare, drew 29 million viewers.

No wonder I was thinking that I see his face or his families faces or his dogs face everytime I turn on the television. I hear his voice everytime I time on the radio and I see at least a minimum of one article on him in every magazine of newspaper I pick up. The Internet is full to the overflowing with Obama love or Obama hate.
I wish everything would go back to normal as it was when Barack Hussein Obama was just a Senator (State of Illinois or United States, take your pick) and he was nothing, he did nothing, stood for nothing and nobody really cared about whether he is a born citizen or what his views on healthcare are/were or what he feels about cap and trade etc. Most people in the world never heard of him and now a large majority of people in the world wish they had never heard of him.

If it were not for Barack Hussein Obama, we would never be saddled with the threat that someday, it could be possible, that Joe Biden would be President and Nancy Pelosi would then be on the short list as well.

I trust that in 2012 it will be over when is is not re-elected to office and I hope at that time his ego is so deflated that he would never try again to be the Messiah he never was.


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Obama’s “KEGGER”, MY Comments and Observations

Well, it’s over. The much touted “beer Party Summit” on the South Lawn of The White House. What did it do? Nothing, absolutely nothing EXCEPT put Barack Hussein Obama in the public eye and ear for something besides his asinine healthcare policy!
When I saw the video and sitting on the LEFT (where he correctly belongs as a liberal toadie for Obama) was none other than Joe “I keep tripping on my tongue” Biden. Why was HE at this summit? I will give you several reasons and you can pick your favorite one:
1) They had an over abundance of Beer and know they could count on Old Joe toi finish it off.
2) They wanted to balance colors (tow black men and two white men)!
3) They needed someone who would say something funny now and then. We know Joe was that man.
4) The table & chair set had four chairs and it looked dumb sitting empty in it and Joe was doing nothing!
5) Barack Hussein Obama needed someone else to make a stupid comment & again, Old Joe was their man

I was somewhat surprised that Jesse Jackson (the Reverend) was not there. He usually is everywhere there is controvesy and a camera. In addition, he could have probably gotten the Bud Light for Obama at cost. He son owns the largest Budweiser distributorship on the North Side of Chicago (that however is another story) and of course he would have lent a Chicago side to the discussion.

Biden had as much in common with Sgt.Crowley as Capone had with Elliot Ness
Obama had as much in common with Sgt. Crowley as he would have with Lee Ermey
Prof.. Gates has as much in common with Sgt. Crowley as William Ayres would have with J.Edgar Hoover
Obama, Gates and Biden all have a common interest here and Sgt. Crowley was the odd man out!

From what I heard, Barack Hussein Obama did not apologize to Sgt. Crowley and Gates did not apologize to Sgt. Crowley and Sgt. Crowley did not apologize to Gates or Obama (I am glad of that). When it was over, Barack Hussein Obama described the meeting as a “teachable moment” (whatever the hell that may be) and he hoped now he can focus on the healthcare policy issues because IF the healthcare bill does not pas, it will be the end of Obama. Just as I said earlier, Obama’s KEGGER did absolutely nothing!

What SHOULD have taken place in my opinion, is that after Obama and Gates apologized to Sgt. Crowley AND the people of the United States of America for acting STUPIDLY. They should have proceeded to commend Sgt. Crowley for doing his job and protecting the property of Gates instead of looking the other way as so easily could have been done. THEN the President should have introduced Lucia Whalen, the forgotten hero in all this, to everyone and give her the Presidents medal of Merit for being an upstanding citizen and taking the time to report the crime. He THEN would have been right to verbally chastise those who called her a racist, and even threatened her life. HOWEVER, being all about Obama, as everything usually is and must be, any public comment and Crowley or Whalen that sounded as though they were being praised as American heroes, doing what was right and they went out of their way to do it would have detracted from the light shining on Obama for holding this summit.


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