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The below quote is from FACKCHECK.ORG regarding an email that was publicized on the Net and in a Chicago newspaper regarding the number of staff people assigned to Michelle Obama being larger than any other First Lady. These numbers do not include Secret Service Protection.

“According to the 2009 White House report to Congress, there are 16 people with a title specifically indicating they work for Michelle Obama’s office. In other words, there are 16 people with “first lady” somewhere in their title, such as Jocelyn Frye, deputy assistant to the president and director of policy and projects for the first lady.

The list reported by Sweet and The Last Crusade, however, includes six other staffers who do not have “first lady” in their title but are a part of the first lady’s office staff, such as Desiree Rogers, special assistant to the president and White House social secretary, and Natalie Bookey, staff assistant.

We contacted Katie McCormick Lelyveld, Michelle Obama’s press secretary, to check the list’s accuracy. Lelyveld told us in an e-mail that the first lady’s current staff size is actually 24, not 22, as the chain e-mail claims. Lelyveld couldn’t provide a list of the staffers at that time.”

The article goes on to say that Hillary Clinton had a staff of 20 (that was in the last year at the White House) Laura Bush had a staff of 16 and at one time it was 18 people.

Therefore, Michelle Obama has .333 times as many permanent staff assigned (does not include Secret Service) than Laura Bush and .25 times as many as Hillary Clinton had. The article goes on to say that the salaries paid to Michelle Obama’s staff of 22 verifible positions was $!.6 Million compared to $1.4 Million for Laura Bush. (remember that Obama has two more staffers not included in the salary figures)

Another quote from FACTCHECK.ORG says:
Dr. Myra Gutin, a professor of communications at Rider University and a first ladies historian, says that the first lady’s role has certainly “grown and evolved” since the 1960s, but generally speaking, the first lady’s “staff numbers about 14-16.” Gutin told us she recalled “some first ladies have had staffs of more than that.”

Based on what FACTCHECK.ORG says, I have to say that First Lady Michelle Obama DOES have more staffers than at least the previous two First Ladies and most likely ALL previous First Ladies!

I close I would like to say that the count of Michelle Obama’s staff people was taken after only SEVEN MONTHS in the White House while the previous two First Ladies had been in the White House for TWO TERMS!

What do we have to look forward to in the coming years in a staff for Michelle Obama?

Will they try to lower unemployment numbers by giving Michelle Obama more staffers?


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