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Barak Hussein Obama – Happenings and Problems TODAY!

To start with, today, August 05, 2009 is Obama’s 48th Birthday. One presnt, I gues that is what you would call it, is that the Caribbean nation of Antigua, named it’s highest mountain “MOUNT OBAMA” ! That’s is definitely something to tell his Grandchildren about!
The Senator’s of the Democratic caucus sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to him at a luncheon in the State Dining room at the White House. This PROVES that Barack Hussein Obama is no JFK who had the beautiful Marilyn Monroe sing HIM happy birthday at Madison Square Garden during his term as President. Tell me, who would YOU rather have sing to you, an attrative blond or Dick Durbin? Case clsoed!
One of the Obama administrations BIGGEST wealth re-distribution projects, THE CASH for CLUNKERS” program is grossly under-funded and is in danger of collapse. GOOD, HOORAY, WAY-To-GO! I can’t understand WHY I should be forced to pay toward someone elses purchase of an automobile! They are taking MY money (and yours) and giving it away so another (who should pay for his/her own car) can buy a new “green” automobile. Nonsense IMHO!
You are probably asking, what the hell does he want the BIRTHERS and OBAMA to give up! Well, it is easy, BIRTHERS-give up the ridiculous claims that Barack Hussein Obama is not an American citizen and OBAMA – give up your REAL birth records. Why you are hiding them is a mystery to me and I am sure many others. GUYS, we have much more important things to resolve in this country than the BIRTH CERTIFICATE of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!
How can the American public think for one moment that the healthcare rewrite that Barack Hussein Obama is mandating be done (now before the end of the year, it was by August but no way Jose, it wasn’t happening) because HE says so, is the best thing since sliced bread? One only has to look at the Post Office or the Veterans administration or the Department of Education or the Transportation Safety Admistartion and untold other government run “businesses” are being run (run into the ground is better term) to see that the government in no way can handle the job of healthcare!
After six months in the Oval Office, Pres. Barack Obama has a lower job-approval rating than did ten of the last twelve presidents at the same point in their presidencies. Obama still ranks high in personal popularity, his numbers have dropped from percentages in the high 60s down to the low 50s, and are still dropping. His policies are greatly disliked and one reason is sure to be that he is unable to admit error, to apologize, or to voice other people can readily can see to be true. He will not admit to defeat as he feels he can do no wrong The next six moinths will have a real story and in 2012, “the rest of the story!
The Obama administration is claiming that the opposition against the healtcare plan is organized by rightwing special interest groups and is made up of “shills” attending townhall meetings and interupting them. NEWS FLASH LIBERALS! Those are real people. Real people who are pissed off because you are trying to foist a healthcare bill on them that is poorly drafted, socialistic and incomplete, bcause you claim that you will not raise taxes but you can’t explain where the money will come from to pay for the healthcare!
Plus, IF you want to bring up the subject of “shills” attending town hall meetings, what about your use of union activists, ACORN members, Democrtatic workers shipped in from other parts of the country? What about even worse, the use of phoney voters to vote for your candidates. What about ACORN placing bogus signatures on petitions to get people on the ballots – VOTE FRAUD?
Barack Hussein Obama THESE are your people, your supporters, do you condone this? If so, how can we trust YOU!


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