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Barack Hussein Obama is a “HOG”!!

Obama Is ‘Camera Hog in Chief’ that is!

President Barack Obama is shattering every record kept on U.S. presidential press coverage in all forms of media.
Over the first six months of 2009, Obama was cited in 1.1 million stories in the mainstream, Internet, and social media — an average of 6,100 references a day, according to a Forbes.com article headlined “Camera Hog in Chief.”
“That’s more than triple what Obama’s last two predecessors, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, got in the mainstream press during their first six months,” Forbes observed.
In the first half of this year, Obama delivered 281 speeches, gave 88 interviews to journalists, hosted 30 news conferences, and emceed 14 town hall meetings, according to Mark Knoller of CBS News, who has covered every president since Gerald Ford.
There is evidence, however, that Americans could be getting “Obama-ed out.” His February address to Congress drew 52 million viewers. His news conference in late July, focusing on healthcare, drew 29 million viewers.

No wonder I was thinking that I see his face or his families faces or his dogs face everytime I turn on the television. I hear his voice everytime I time on the radio and I see at least a minimum of one article on him in every magazine of newspaper I pick up. The Internet is full to the overflowing with Obama love or Obama hate.
I wish everything would go back to normal as it was when Barack Hussein Obama was just a Senator (State of Illinois or United States, take your pick) and he was nothing, he did nothing, stood for nothing and nobody really cared about whether he is a born citizen or what his views on healthcare are/were or what he feels about cap and trade etc. Most people in the world never heard of him and now a large majority of people in the world wish they had never heard of him.

If it were not for Barack Hussein Obama, we would never be saddled with the threat that someday, it could be possible, that Joe Biden would be President and Nancy Pelosi would then be on the short list as well.

I trust that in 2012 it will be over when is is not re-elected to office and I hope at that time his ego is so deflated that he would never try again to be the Messiah he never was.


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