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Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the Rest of the Liberals are using Ted Kennedy’s Death to Further the Obamacare Bill Passage!

Teddy “The Swimmer” Kennedy died and within hours of his death the champion of what is good for Americans, The Queen of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi was calling her Democratic ltoadies with a new idea to ram through the Obamacare bill. They will now play on the sympathy of the unknowing voters and those who revere the Kennedy name REGARDLESS of the dastardly deeds old Teddy did. The media is making a saint out of the drunken Monster of Chappaquiddick and the Liberal/Socialist leadership in Congress will be leaning on the Blue Dog Democrats in trumpeting forth their message – We will now call HB 3200 the Kennedy Health Care Bill – “Let’s do it for TEDDY!” “Let’s give Teddy a legacy (beyond the death of Mary Jo Kopechne and “waitress sandwiches ask Chris Dodd“– pass HIS bill”, “lwin one for TEDDY”. If this isn’t sickening I don’t know what is!

Queen Pelosi and the rest of the liberals who are going to use Teddy “The Swimmer” to get people to say, “it’s OK, if Teddy wanted it, it must be alright, it must be good for the country”

What it simply is, is despicable beyond belief and understanding. This is enough to make a thinking person vomit!

No matter what they call it or whose name is on it – – it still the same bill and it still absolutely no damn good!


I have said it here before and I will say it again; Teddy Kennedy is a poster child for all that is good about having term limits!

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Barack Hussein Obama’s Email to Me and Thousands of Others About What An Upstanding Person and Senator Teddy “The Swimmer” Kennedy Was

Below you will find the actual word for word email I received from Barack Hussein Obama. His description of Teddy Kennedy and all the wonderful things he has done a the MOST LIBERAL MEMBER OF THE SENATE is enough to make a person Throw Up! Forgotten in the email are the things the Teddy will be MOST remembered for; responsible for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne and his numberous escapdes of drunken debouchery with those such as Senator Christopher Todd. There are an untold number of books and articles written about Ted Kennedy and damn few are anywhere near complimentary. The ones that are were written by liberals who would condem Kennedy if he were a Republican but revere him as he was a liberal.

Kennedy is a prime exhibt of WHY we should have term limits for our Senators and Representatives. Ted Kennedy in life was an embarrassment to his brothers, the State of Massachusetts and The United States of America.



Michelle and I were heartbroken to learn this morning of the death of our dear friend, Senator Ted Kennedy.
For nearly five decades, virtually every major piece of legislation to advance the civil rights, health and economic well-being of the American people bore his name and resulted from his efforts.

His ideas and ideals are stamped on scores of laws and reflected in millions of lives — in seniors who know new dignity; in families that know new opportunity; in children who know education’s promise; and in all who can pursue their dream in an America that is more equal and more just, including me.

In the United States Senate, I can think of no one who engendered greater respect or affection from members of both sides of the aisle. His seriousness of purpose was perpetually matched by humility, warmth and good cheer. He battled passionately on the Senate floor for the causes that he held dear, and yet still maintained warm friendships across party lines. And that’s one reason he became not only one of the greatest senators of our time, but one of the most accomplished Americans ever to serve our democracy.

I personally valued his wise counsel in the Senate, where, regardless of the swirl of events, he always had time for a new colleague. I cherished his confidence and momentous support in my race for the Presidency. And even as he waged a valiant struggle with a mortal illness, I’ve benefited as President from his encouragement and wisdom.

His fight gave us the opportunity we were denied when his brothers John and Robert were taken from us: the blessing of time to say thank you and goodbye. The outpouring of love, gratitude and fond memories to which we’ve all borne witness is a testament to the way this singular figure in American history touched so many lives.

For America, he was a defender of a dream. For his family, he was a guardian. Our hearts and prayers go out to them today — to his wonderful wife, Vicki, his children Ted Jr., Patrick and Kara, his grandchildren and his extended family.

Today, our country mourns. We say goodbye to a friend and a true leader who challenged us all to live out our noblest values. And we give thanks for his memory, which inspires us still.


President Barack Obama

ps. I know much of the words in the email from Barack Hussein Obama were words that he HAD to say, at least I hope they were!

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Teddy “the Swimmer” Kennedy is Dead and Mary Jo Kopechne HAS BEEN DEAD FOR 40 Years Because of Him! Is This Finally Justice? I don’t Think So. Justice SHOULD Have Been Done When Mary Jo Was Killed!

WHAT MOST PEOPLE MAY HAVE MISSED ABOUT MARY JO KOPECHNE’s alleged accidental death is that she… had worked on Robert Kennedy‘s campaign in the FINANCE/DONOR section!

Is it possible that Mary Jo Kopechne was MURDERED to keep her from discussing something or someone she had seen or learned about while working as a volunteer on Bobby Kennedy’s presidential campaign?

She worked in the FINANCES of Bobby’s campaign. She had the opportunity to see/hear many things.

Did she witness millions of dollars of Mafia money, from his father’s Mafia ties, being dumped into the RFK campaign? Who knows, it certainly is a possibility is it not? It did happen in the JFK campaign as we all know.

Many questions and no answers.

I was out an hour or so ago listening to the car radio for about one hour total. Not once, on three different staions, did I hear the mention of Mary Jo’s name! The only thing they talked about was Teddy “The Swimmer” Kennedy’s record on legislation that helped the poor and underpriviledged. The media was making this monster into some sort of God!

Barack Hussein Obama said such wonderful things that I thought my radio would start to glow!



ps. For some interesting reading on Teddy Kennedy, try the following books:

Those Kennedy Men
Teddy Bare
The Senator
Chappaquidick Decision
Chappaquidick – The Real Story
The Inspectors Opinion

I have, in my personal library, the titles above in addition to several others. I can add many more to the list if you wish or you can go to Amazon and search for Ted Kennedy books and see what you come up with.

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Barack Hussein Obama is Running Country with a Slack Force!

Published: August 23, 2009
WASHINGTON — As Barack Hussein Obama tries to turn around a summer of setbacks, he finds himself still without most of his own team. Seven months into his presidency, fewer than half of his top appointees are in place advancing his agenda.
Of more than 500 senior policymaking positions requiring Senate confirmation, just 43 percent have been filled — a reflection of a White House that grew more cautious after several nominations blew up last spring, a Senate that is intensively investigating nominees and a legislative agenda that has consumed both.
While career employees or holdovers fill many posts on a temporary basis, Barack Hussein Obama does not have his own people enacting programs central to his mission. He is trying to fix the financial markets but does not have an assistant treasury secretary for financial markets. He is spending more money on transportation than anyone since Dwight D. Eisenhower but does not have his own inspector general watching how the dollars are used. He is fighting two wars but does not have an Army secretary.
He sent Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to Africa to talk about international development but does not have anyone running the Agency for International Development. He has invited major powers to a summit on nuclear nonproliferation but does not have an assistant secretary of state for nonproliferation.
Mrs. Clinton expressed the exasperation of many in the administration last month when she was asked by A.I.D. employees why they did not have a chief. “The clearance and vetting process is a nightmare,” she told them. “And it takes far longer than any of us would want to see. It is frustrating beyond words.”

The process of assembling a new administration has frustrated presidents for years, a point brought home when George W. Bush received the now-famous memorandum titled “Bin Ladin Determined to Strike U.S.” eight years ago this month but still did not have most of his national security team in place when planes smashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
All parties vowed to fix the process, and Barack Hussein Obama has a more intact national security team than his predecessor at this point. But even in this area, vital offices remain open. No Obama appointee is running the Transportation Security Administration, the Customs and Border Protection agency, the Drug Enforcement Administration or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Barack Hussein Obama still does not have an intelligence chief at the Department of Homeland Security, nor a top civilian in charge of military readiness at the Pentagon.
Barack Hussein Obama is far enough along in his presidency that some early appointees are already leaving even before the last of the first round have assumed their posts.The consequences can be felt in small ways and large — from the extra work for appointees on the job to the slowdown of policy reviews and development.
For example, Barack Hussein Obama’s promised cybersecurity initiative to improve coordination among government agencies and the private sector has stalled while he looks for someone to lead it.
“There’s every reason to be concerned,” said Jim Manley, spokesman for Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic majority leader. “The president deserves to have his full complement of staff in the different agencies.”
Measuring the progress in appointments depends on what positions are counted and who is doing the counting. The White House Transition Project counts 543 policymaking jobs requiring Senate confirmation in four top executive ranks. As of last week, Barack Hussein Obama had announced his selections for 319 of those positions, and the Senate had confirmed 236, or 43 percent of the top echelon of government. Other scholars have slightly different but similar tallies.
No matter how the counting is done, though, hundreds of senior positions remain empty with 15 percent of Barack Hussein Obama’s term over. While appointments linger, those jobs are generally filled with acting officials — and the White House says that has not slowed its ability to effect change.
But acting officials do not have the full latitude that confirmed appointees do. “It’s just not the same thing,” said Paul Light, a professor at New York University who specializes in appointments. “They don’t have the same authority. They don’t feel the same loyalties or freedom to exert control. And what you get is drift in the agencies.”
Blame is being freely passed around. (of course it is, Barack Hussien Obama NEVER takes responsibility for anything negative) After several early nominees were discovered to have failed to pay some taxes, the White House tightened its vetting. The Senate Finance Committee has a former Internal Revenue Service official helping to go through many nominees’ taxes. And Republican senators are holding up nominees like John McHugh for Army secretary to influence what happens to the detainees at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

I suggest poor planning, lack of focus on what is important as opposed to Barack Hussein Obama focusing on himself, his programs (that are going to be his legacy even if they destroy the United States) are more important than having a full compliment of staff. Barack Hussein Obama is a danger to this country and MUST BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE IN 2012.


I believe parts of this came from an article by Peter Baker in the NYT! It was sent to me via email from person unknown to me and I thought it important enought to bring to your attention.

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Obama Healthcare Plan Causing AARP to Lose Members by the Thousands!

AARP loses members over health care stance
strong> About 60,000 senior citizens have quit AARP since July 1 due to the group’s support for a health care overhaul, a spokesman for the organization said Monday.

The membership loss suggests dissatisfaction on the part of AARP members at a time when many senior citizens are concerned about proposed cuts to Medicare providers to help pay for making health care available for all. (It is a good indication that many more Seniors will jump ship in the future because of AARP promoting Obamacare)

AARP is strongly backing a health care overhaul, running ads to support it and hosting President Obama at an online forum recently to promote his agenda to AARP members. However, the group has not endorsed a specific bill and says it won’t support a plan that reduces Medicare benefits. (It does not need to, AARP gave campaign donations to Barack Hussein Obama, they shill for his programs, they are as liberal as they could be)

DOCTOR SHORTAGE: Fewer perks for primary care MDs (We have a doctor shortage now, what will this do to the system, what they forget to mention is fewer services for tghe Seniors.)

THE OVAL: Obama still prefers public option, White House says (this is one of the main reasons his plan is bad news for the country, creeping toward socialistic healthcare) (Another area that must be considered is the promise Barack Hussein Obama made in his campaign; he basically said that his health plan would cover abortion cost)

“We take stands on issues that are contentious, it’s part of what we do,” Nannis said. “And because we have so many members we’ll always have a small percentage that disagree with us so strongly they feel they need to cancel membership.” (I did)

The approximately 60,000 number represents members who specifically cited AARP’s stance on the health overhaul debate in canceling their membership between July 1 and mid-August, Nannis said. (I am no longer a member of this ultra-liberal organization)

He said AARP gained some 400,000 new members during the same period and that 1.5 million members renewed their membership.

The original of this article appears in it whole at:
The areas within the brackets are comments of mine!


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Barack Hussein Obama sending Bumbling Joe Biden to Chicago!

Joe Biden is is Chicago today promoting Obamacare at a Town Hall Meeting. However, you will not here is any disruption at THIS meeting, in fact you will not here of any questions being asked from the Conservative side. Why? Well because it is by invitation only. That way they can control exactly what questions will be asked and by whom so there will be none that Biden “the bumbler” will not be able to answer.

What a damn joke! They stack the deck in their favor and call it a town hall meeting!

Then, Biden is supposed to spend time promoting Congressperson Debbie Halverson, D-Crete Illinois. She seems like a fairly nice person who is interested in the welfare of the people in her district, which by the way encompasses where I reside. She edoes not always vote the way I would like but she has bucked the party vote on occasion, unlike some in Congress. However, back to Biden, I hope he doesn’t do anything to damage the reputation of Ms. Halvorsen with any of his insane comments.

Ms. Halvorsen by the way has elected to not hold any towh hall style meeting while she is home BUT will hold telephone meetings for seniors twice before she returns to D.C.


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The below quote is from FACKCHECK.ORG regarding an email that was publicized on the Net and in a Chicago newspaper regarding the number of staff people assigned to Michelle Obama being larger than any other First Lady. These numbers do not include Secret Service Protection.

“According to the 2009 White House report to Congress, there are 16 people with a title specifically indicating they work for Michelle Obama’s office. In other words, there are 16 people with “first lady” somewhere in their title, such as Jocelyn Frye, deputy assistant to the president and director of policy and projects for the first lady.

The list reported by Sweet and The Last Crusade, however, includes six other staffers who do not have “first lady” in their title but are a part of the first lady’s office staff, such as Desiree Rogers, special assistant to the president and White House social secretary, and Natalie Bookey, staff assistant.

We contacted Katie McCormick Lelyveld, Michelle Obama’s press secretary, to check the list’s accuracy. Lelyveld told us in an e-mail that the first lady’s current staff size is actually 24, not 22, as the chain e-mail claims. Lelyveld couldn’t provide a list of the staffers at that time.”

The article goes on to say that Hillary Clinton had a staff of 20 (that was in the last year at the White House) Laura Bush had a staff of 16 and at one time it was 18 people.

Therefore, Michelle Obama has .333 times as many permanent staff assigned (does not include Secret Service) than Laura Bush and .25 times as many as Hillary Clinton had. The article goes on to say that the salaries paid to Michelle Obama’s staff of 22 verifible positions was $!.6 Million compared to $1.4 Million for Laura Bush. (remember that Obama has two more staffers not included in the salary figures)

Another quote from FACTCHECK.ORG says:
Dr. Myra Gutin, a professor of communications at Rider University and a first ladies historian, says that the first lady’s role has certainly “grown and evolved” since the 1960s, but generally speaking, the first lady’s “staff numbers about 14-16.” Gutin told us she recalled “some first ladies have had staffs of more than that.”

Based on what FACTCHECK.ORG says, I have to say that First Lady Michelle Obama DOES have more staffers than at least the previous two First Ladies and most likely ALL previous First Ladies!

I close I would like to say that the count of Michelle Obama’s staff people was taken after only SEVEN MONTHS in the White House while the previous two First Ladies had been in the White House for TWO TERMS!

What do we have to look forward to in the coming years in a staff for Michelle Obama?

Will they try to lower unemployment numbers by giving Michelle Obama more staffers?


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Michelle Obama’s Quid Pro Quo Part Time Job Paid Her $304.81 per Hour!

Michelle Obama in Chicago

At the top right hand corner of Page 17 of the New York Post
Of January 24th, 2009, was a short column entitled “Replacing Michelle”
In the National Review “The Week” column.

(The Michelle they are talking about is Michelle Obama, wife of Barack Hussein Obama)

Here it is, word for word, as it appeared:

“Some employees are simply irreplaceable. Take Michelle Obama:
The University of Chicago Medical center hired her in 2002 to run
“programs for community relations, neighborhood outreach,
Volunteer recruitment, staff diversity and minority contracting”
(Wasn’t Barack Hussein Obama a “commiunity Organizer” before Senator and President?)

In 2005, the hospital raised her salary from $120,000 to $317, 000
Nearly twice what her husband, Barack Hussein Obama, made as a Senator.

Oh, did we mention that her husband, Barack Hussein Obama, had just become a US Senator? He
Sure had. And that he immediately requested a $1 million earmark for
The UC Medical Center, in fact?… You betcha by golly.. He surely
Did. Way to network Michelle Obama! (In fairness, I have to tell you he did not get it BUT the fact that he even had the chutzpah to request it is mind boggling). (I wonder what he did with tax payer money for the University of Chicago Medical Center when he was an Illinois State Senator?) (I also wonder what or how much the University will get from the stimulous package and how the free health care program that Michelle Obama started will be benefited by Barack Hussein Obama’s Obamacare package?)

But now that Mrs. Michelle Obama has resigned, the hospital says her position
Will remain unfilled. How can that possibly be??? (Because they did not need her at all, ever) Especially if the Work she did was vital enough to be worth $317,000? Oh, by the way,
Let me add that Michelle Obama’s position was a part time, 20 hour week job
At $317,000.00 per year !! That amounts to $304.81 per hour for a fifty two week year
And to think they were critical of Blagojovich’s wife, Patti, For taking $100,000 in fuzzy real estate commission.”

(Incidentally, the man who hired Michelle Obama, resigned his post today, 08/14/2009)

The Question is: How did this bit of quid pro quo corruption escape the
Sharp reporters that dug through Sarah Palin’s garbage and kindergarten files?


(anything in brackets was added by me!)

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In a townhall meeting Barack Hussein Obama compared the “PUBLIC OPTION to the USPO. The following is a word for word quote that appeared in the Liberal Rag, The Famous New York Times:

“Obama said a government-run public option should not kill private insurers, but rather force them to be more competitive, even going so far as to compare the competition between them to FedEx, UPS and the Postal Service. “UPS and FedEx are doing just fine,” Mr. Obama joked. “It’s the post office that’s always having problems.”

Does Barack Hussein Obama not realize that he just said the GOVERNMENT RUN USPO is the PROBLEM or does he think that the American public is “STUPIDLY” just going along with his plans without question?? I offer that the GOVERNMENT RUN PUBLIC OPTION would also be a PROBLEM and no way would it exist with increased subsidy by the public, the same as USPO raising the price of stamps which; the USPO has increases built in yearly from now until???.

This is basic “words from Obama’s mouth to our ears” – It Will Not Work!


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OBAMA has AARP in his POCKET, They are Shilling for HIS Healthcare Plan and Ignoring Needs of Seniors!

I was asked to help get this information to as many people as
possible. Please do the same thing by forwarding it to your entire
e-mail list of family and friends.

AARP officials walk out of meeting, refuse questions concerning
ObamaCare from angry seniors

Senior citizens who went to a meeting sponsored by AARP were left to
themselves after the AARP hostess walked out. The seniors were trying to
get answers concerning ObamaCare and why AARP would support a government
controlled health system that many believe would lead to euthanasia and
rationing of health care.

Why would AARP, the nation’s largest seniors group, supposedly working
for the elderly, support an ObamaCare bill?
Here is what Dick Morris,
former advisor to President Clinton, said: “The interest groups that
usually speak up for the elderly, particularly AARP, are in Obama’s
pocket, hoping to profit from his program by becoming one of its
Just as they backed Bush’s prescription drug plan because they
anticipated profiting from it, so they are now helping Obama gut the
medical care of their constituents.”

Like the National Education Association (NEA), AARP has been taken over by
liberals. With millions of members, AARP is using its clout to push
ObamaCare on the elderly, even if it includes euthanasia. AARP supported
homosexual marriage by opposing Prop 8 in California
Take Action!
• Send your e-mail to AARP.
If you are
a member, do what the lady in Dallas did — cancel your membership.
AARP is going to use membership dues to help push ObamaCare.

• Forward this information to others so they can see how AARP is
spending their dues in promoting ObamaCare.

• American Seniors Association
(ASA) is an alternative we suggest you check out. AFA does not
officially endorse ASA, but simply offers it as an alternative to AARP.
We think you’ll be pleased with what you see.


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