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When Obama spoke about the White Sox, his allegedly favorite team, he called their ballpark “COMISKY FIELD” anyone who lives on the southside of Chicagoi (White Sox Territory) would call it “COMISKY PARK”. They would do that even if they were not Sox fans! In 1991 it became known as U.S.Cellalar Field BUT nobody here calls it that! Was Obama confused? Is Obama really a White Sox fan OR does he like to wear their Jacket because Michelle thinks “he looks cute in it”?

OBAMA will possibly NEVER recover the lost ratings from when he called the police officer out for “acting stupidly” for arresting the Harvard Professor (Gates). OBAMA spoke without all the facts and one more time was throwing race into the game to make a point in favor of his friend, Professor Gates, as well as the African American public in general, allegedly being grossly mistreated by the white police. IMHO, the policeman was correct and the Professor should apologize to him AND OBAMA should also apologize to the police officer. The reality of it is that both the policeman and Professor Gates were a bit “overboard” in their respective actions but BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA was WAY OFF BASE in his commentary and should have left well enough alone. No comment was needed by HIM!

HIS supposed healthcare plan that HE wanted done by August 2009 (doesn’t HE know that “haste makes waste”) has hit some major road blocks and now HE has extended HIS timetable to the end of the year. The problem is that many of HIS own party are not in favor of it as well as most Republicans. There has been some talk that because of the socialistic approach HE is taking it will never pass because the American people just don’t want it. We have the best healthcare in the world. It is expensive but as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. With OBAMA’S socialism plan and “public option” your healthcare treatments would be second rate and that is when you would be able to get treatments.

His ratings across the board are dropping as people are seeing through his empty promises. The economy is not gettinh much better, un-employment has increased and taxes are on the increase to pay for all OBAMA’S “drunken sailor” type spending habits!

Here is an example of How people are starting to think:
Several days ago in The Joliet Herald Newspaper (Joliet Illinois which is the Third largest and factest growing city in Illinois – Vtoied Democratic in recent elections and is mainly blue collar) has a pollinf place question :
After six months as President, is Barack Obama doing a good job?
It is a phone in poll, unscientific in nature but only allows one call per phone number.
The surprtising answers were: 102 votes Yes and 303 vites No, A 3 to 1 mandate against Barack Obama! I did not vote or there would have been another NO vote!

The bright side to all of this is that shows OBAMA is on a slippery slope and is looking atthe real possibility of not being re-elected in 2012!


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