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Barack Hussein Obama and his MANY Statements on Iran!

This paragraph, sent to me by a friend but I know not from where, sums up Barack Hussein Obama and his multiple views of Iran:

He waffles while Iran is laughing at the U.S.;

“This is a lose/lose situation for Obama. He is as flaky on Iran as on everything else. In 2004 he favoured “surgical” missile strikes against Iran. In 2007 he did not rule out force, but preferred “aggressive diplomacy combined with tough sanctions” – but that was for the ears of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (so he could keep their support and donations coming in. now he throws them away as he did his GrandMa and Rev. Wright).”

Words in brackets are mine!



June 22, 2009 - Posted by | Blogroll, Democrat, Jeremiah Wright, Liberal Democrat, NOBAMA, Obama, Political, POLITICS, President |

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  1. Hell! Barack doesn’t support democracy in America. He fact he hates democracy period!

    Why would you expect him to stand for a democracy in Iraq?

    Comment by WartchDog | June 25, 2009 | Reply

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