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Obama Trying to put “a Ringer” on SCOTUS!

Barack Hussein Obama could have chosen any one of a number of liberals to replace Justice David Souter on the Supreme Court. He could have chosen someone who was simply left-of-center… a SIMPLE liberal… but he didn’t.

Barack Hussein Obama chose Judge Sotomayor because she’s an extreme leftist… he knows she will allow her liberal political biases to affect her decision making on the Court… because he knows she’s already disposed to “legislate” HER leftist agenda from the bench.
But more than that, Barack Hussein Obama nominated Judge Sotomayor to send a message to conservatives in the Senate, and the subtext of the message could not be clearer: I dare you to do anything to oppose or stop this nomination.
How conservatives react to Barack Hussein Obama’s nomination will set the tone for everything to come over the next four years. If Barack Hussein Obama can place Judge Sotomayor on the Supreme Court for a lifetime appointment without much resistance, he’ll get the message he can do anything.

I believe this says it all!



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  1. Barack weants to get what is still left of the Constitution out of the way.

    Sotomayor is yet another step toward that end.

    Comment by WartchDog | June 25, 2009 | Reply

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