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The Ethics of Barack Hussein Obama are being Questioned!

President Barack Obama claimed his administration would set a new standard for ethics.

Little did we know he would actually lower the standard.

The National Right to Work Committee’s is moving forward in their to investigate Barack Obama’s controversial appointment of former AFL-CIO union lawyer Deborah Greenfield to a key position in the Department of Labor.

Almost immediately after winning the election in November, Obama appointed Greenfield to his transition team to oversee the change in power at the Department of Labor. But at the very same time, Greenfield was on the AFL-CIO legal team which was suing the Department of Labor to overturn union officer conflict-of-interest reporting regulations.

Early in his term, President Obama has quickly acted to gut the union boss reporting requirements intended to root out corruption. But the American people – especially American workers paying dues to the AFL-CIO – have a right to know about this potential conflict of interest, not to mention the Obama Administration’s apparent hypocrisy.

Then there is Barack Hussein Obama’s pet project – The Card Check Law!

One has to wonder if these are all payback to the Unions for their support and financial backing for his election. NO, I guess you really do not have to wonder – it is obvious that is exactly what it is.



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