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Obama Donor gets 30 Years in the Slammer!

Democrat fundraiser Norman Hsu was convicted Tuesday of violating campaign finance laws by making thousands of dollars of donations through straw donors in order to bypass limits on individual contributions to a candidate. Hsu also pleaded guilty to wire fraud in a Ponzi scheme he used to bilk investors out of more than $20 million. He faces 30 years in prison. Obama’s Hopefund PAC took in at least $24,000 from him and his associates from 2005 to 2007.


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Obama Does RIGHT, His Supporters are Critical of His Actions!

Barack Hussein Obama finally realizes that the “transparent government” he pushed for in his campaign will not work when it come to national security and the war on terror. Last week he set up the following so there would be little if any break in the integrity of our security. Guess what, for these acts, for acting in the responsible manner his position demands, he being taken to task in the blogs, DailyLos, leftwing newspapers, liberal talk shows and by some un-named White House staff and of course Princess Pelosi and King of Nothing Important Harry Reid. How quickly they forget!

Monday – Obama administration’s letter to Britian threatening to cut off intelligence-sharing if British courts reveal the details of how we tortured British resident Binyam Mohamed;

Tuesday – Promoted to military commander in Afghanistan Gen. Stanley McChyrstal, who was deeply involved in some of the worst abuses of the Bush era;

Wednesday – Announced he was reversing himself and would try to conceal photographic evidence showing widespread detainee abuse — despite the rulings from two separate courts (four federal judges unanimously) that the law compels their disclosure;

Friday – Unveiled his plan to preserve a modified system of military commissions for trying Guantanamo detainees, rather than using our extant-judicial processes for doing so.

I applaud Barack Hussein Obama for these actions and encourage him to further open his eyes and see what the reality of his office is and put a stop to other of the nonsensical programs he has placed in action.


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Barack Obama Changes HIS Position TWICE in one Week!

Barack Hussein Obama was today accused of his second change of mind/heart this week after he decided to keep the controversial military commissions set up by President George W. Bush to prosecute terror suspects.The surprise announcement by Obama completely negated his strong campaign pledge to put the terrorists on trial in our criminal court system. If you recall, Bill Clinton also looked at terrosism as a criminal offense as opposed to a national security issue. It was Obama’s second change of his mind in less than a week when said he would block the court-ordered release of the photographs showing alleged prisoner abuse.
It is heartening to see Barack Hussein Obama taking a second look at his positions that could/would be damaging to the United States and a certain threat to our national security positions.

WHY Obama is doing this at this time is a question we must all ask ourselves.

Ms. Nancy Pelosi is spouting lies that she was never informed of the waterboarding or enhanced interrogation methods and she has been called out on that by Porter Goss who was present and more recently by Newt Gingrich who called her spouting a dispicable and dishonest political effort to malaign the CIA!

When I think of Nancy Pelosi, the terms dispicable, dishonest and liar almost always come to mind immediately.

We will have to see exactly how both of these issues play out and are accepted by the citizens.


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Obama and Gore’s Ice is NOT Melting. Read the Proof on these Sites!

After you read this and take a look at the sites noted at the end of the piece for reference, you may have the same questions as I did. Namely:

Are we being conned by the crew headed by Al Bore and Barack Hussein Obama?
Why are they pushing the “cap and trade”, which is really a tax, so quickly?
Who really benefits from this money wise and by how much?
Is is possible that Obama and Bore and company are “confused” by all the rhetoric they don’t understand?

I am sure you will have questions I haven’t even thought of. Please read and comment if you will. I would like to see who agrees and disagrees with this and my take on it using information that has associated back up that has integrity!



Last week Al Bore said the world must act quickly to slow the melting of the world’s polar ice packs and glaciers before it reaches a critical rate for global warming.
“We have to act and we have to act quickly because we don’t want to cross this tipping point,” the Nobel peace laureate and former U.S. vice president told a meeting of foreign ministers, experts and scientists from the most affected countries.

But it turns out the world acted very quickly indeed, as Germany’s Radio Bremen reports:
• The research aircraft “Polar 5” concluded its Arctic expedition in Canada.
• During the flight, researchers measured the current ice thickness at the North Pole and in areas that have never before been surveyed.
• The sea-ice in the surveyed areas is apparently thicker than scientists had suspected.
According to a spokesperson for Bremerhaven’s Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research:
• Normally, newly formed ice measures some two meters in thickness after two years.
• In the surveyed area, scientists measured ice thickness up to four meters.
• At present, this result contradicts the warming of the sea water, according to the scientists.

Is it possible that global warming is neither a catastrophe waiting to happen nor a fraud but merely the result of confusion induced by the metric system, asks the Wall Street Journal?

Source: Blog, “Global Warming on the Rocks,” Wall Street Journal, April 29, 2009; based upon Doug Mellgren, “Al Gore calls for prompt action on melting ice,” Associated Press/Seattle Post Intelligencer, April 28, 2009; and Radio Breman, “North Pole Sea Ice twice as thick as expected,” Canada Free Press, April 29, 2009.
For text:
For Post Intelligencer text:
For Canada Free Press text:
For more on Global Warming Science:
For more on Global Warming:

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