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Some Random Thoughts On Barack Hussein Obama’s New Dog

The dog, a Portuguese Water Dog, has been given the name BO!

Think about it, BO Those are Barack Obama’s initials! How cute is that. Have a dog and give it your initials so you can further stoke the fires of your oversized ego everytime someone talks about it or calls it!

Think also about the timing of BO’s arrival at the White House (originally BHO said it would be waiting when they moved in – remember?) the dog has taken some of the heat off BHO from the public because of some of the economic miracles he touted have not happened and both Democrats and Republicans are unhappy as well as the voters. He is going down in the polls (see yesterday’s article).

Think also if it is not strange that Teddy “the Swimmer” Kennedy would have “Water Dogs” as pets. What an ironic choice for him to have.

Just about all the Presidents that I recall have had a dog at one time or another during their time in the White House. However, I can not recall any President or dog that has received as much fan fair and newspeper ink as BHO and BO! I can only hope that now that he is firmly ensconced in the White House that we will not have to endure a daily up date on the wonderment and happenings of BO as we are subjected to on BHO.

I wonder “who” will be responsible to clean up after BO? Think about this question for a minute!



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  1. cool sitename man)))
    signature: http://xabul.ru/

    Comment by SteatoWes | April 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thanx! Come back often!


    Comment by rightwingdog | April 28, 2009 | Reply

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