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Michelle Obama, is she a Rock Star or What?

The following was sent to me by an associate with the comment “Is this the same Michelle Obama that is married to Barack Obama?” I thought that I would print it the way I received it and ask YOU what you thought with several pointed questions that are found after the article.

“On Tuesday’s Nightline, ABC gushed over Michelle Obama with the enthusiasm and objectivity usually reserved for Access Hollywood reporters. Correspondent Yunji de Nies lauded the “rock star” First Lady for her fashion sense and for speaking openly about balancing work and family. Nightline co-anchor Cynthia McFadden asserted that “with her muscular arms and outfits, she’s become, well, a model First Lady.”
De Nies talked with liberal Washington Post journalist Sally Quinn, who has written for years about D.C. style. Asked about a recent Michelle Obama spread in Vogue magazine, Quinn enthused: “Well, for one thing, I think she’s a sexual person. The pictures are attractive. They’re womanly. They’re sexy, but not in an overt way.” She then went on to assert that Washington has often tried to force women to downplay their sexuality. This prompted de Nies to breathlessly wonder: “Is Washington and the world ready for such a modern First Lady?”
[This item, by the MRC’s Scott Whitlock, was posted Wednesday afternoon on the MRC’s blog, NewsBusters.org: newsbusters.org ]
Before playing a clip of Mrs. Obama discussing her family, de Nies complimented the First Lady for “speaking openly about the struggle of balancing work and family.” Of course, that is something that previous presidential spouses have done, including Hillary Clinton.
De Nies and TheRoot.com reporter Dayo Olopade both agreed that Obama is a “rock star.” Commenting on de Nies’ observation that it’s odd to see magazines with the President’s wife next to those with pop stars, Olopade bizarrely claimed: “Well, you certainly didn’t see Laura Bush doing that. You know, I think it’s a lot easier to be a celebrity these days.”
On the Root’s Web site, Olopade expounded on the new role the First Lady and her fitness play: “Her commanding presence, disciplined fitness regimen and rock-hard bod make her seem out of step with the traditional sidekick role of the first lady. And she is also ill-suited to the traditional cultural archetypes circumscribed for black women. She is neither Jezebel, the soft-witted, oversexed temptress, nor Mammy, the asexual nurturer.”
See The Root: http://www.theroot.com”

What do YOU think; Is Michelle Obama out of step in the “job” of First Lady?

Does the image Michelle projects enhance the image of the First Lady he in the United States and in foriegn countries?

Does it help or hinder the position of her husband, Barack Hussein Obama?


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