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Obama Speaks on 02/24/2009 and Says NOTHING Once Again!

I heard Barack Hussein Obama until I was up to my ears in his “speaking without saying anything” and after about 45 minutes into the speech I had my fill. All the clapping and standing up and sitting down like a bunch of jack-in-the-boxes by his adoring followers had extended the time from 8 pm to 9:06 pm when I turned it off and he was still talking and saying nothing.

The fawning and hoopla over Barack Hussein Obama and his Michelle was damn close to sickening. If Queen Nancy ever looked more like someone was tickling her ass with a feather, I don’t recall seeing it. Joe Biden, who was the recipient of Barack Hussein Obama’s hand-off of “the position of oversight” to make sure the money doled out to the mayors and Governors at first beamed like a kid looking at his first new bike and then during the rest of the speech that I watched, he sat almost stone faced after realizing that if things blew up, Barack Hussein Obama would be throwing him under the bus like he has done with others in the past to keep his own reputation clean when things didn’t go according to plan.

In summation, I thought this first speech of Barack Hussein Obama to Congress and the public was nothing much different than what I recall hearing on from him in his stump speeches on the campaign trail.

It left me no more enlightened at 9:06 pm than I was at 7:59 pm.

I am still waiting for the time Barack Hussein Obama will come out publically and explain how HE could have chosen so many people for cabinet and administrative staff positions that had so many problems that in actuality negated their qualifications for the positions and I continue to marvel the at number of times he makes reference to his second term as if it was a certainty he would be re-elected in 2012.

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  1. Actually, of course, he had several very important things to say. Imagine what a change it will be if the US stops throwing a good deal of its talent pool under the bus and starts educating its people as fully as its Europeans and Asian competitors do. Imagine if US employers no longer have to hesitate hiring the right guy for the job because the right guy has some kind of chronic condition that will have major costs over time. Imagine if all the money is saved that all those other countries save by their preventive approach to medicine, treating problems while they are still most cheaply treating and their various medical facilities sharing the information they have in a technologically current manner.

    As for the explanation for choosing imperfect appointees? He paid more attention to who was the best guy for the job than to looking for non-human perfect folks. Know any perfect folks, other than yourself of course?

    Comment by djcnor | February 25, 2009 | Reply

  2. To djcnor:

    I am far from perfect. However, in reading your comment I did wonder what world you actually live in and if you have ever had any responsible position in a for profit business?

    Your answer about the “imperfect appointees” as you phrase them, is asinine and are simply excuses for Barack Hussein Obama’s failures. Geithner, Daschle and Killefer are nothing but tax cheats and Richardson is embroiled in a play for pay scandal. Then look at a Socialist Carol Browner and a woman welded to labor unions such as Hilda Solis!

    Then we have Rahm Emanuel who is possibly also in trounble with his taxes and Eric Hoilder who had some questionable dealings with pardon’s during the Clinton Administration and his Deputy Attorney General nominee David Osborn who favors abortion and has defended pornography as a right.

    If you really believe they are the BEST that BHO could find I don’t know what to say about your beliefs.

    Looking at your first paragraph and the commentary contained therein, I have to wonder if you have any idea how a business is operated and how things exist without government intervention.


    Comment by rightwingdog | February 26, 2009 | Reply

  3. You’re right, you are far from perfect.

    The records of Obama’s appointees, over their lifetimes, stand up very well in terms of a lack of corruption, in sharp contrast to Bush’s. Their faults are minor and unconnected with the areas they were nominated to work in. In those areas, they were and are the best.

    As for unions, there’s a reason big corporations give their American employees less holidays, more hours, and less benefits than their workers in other countries. That reason is the weakness of American unions.

    My information on how for-profit businesses operate comes from my sister who is an international executive with Oracle. Me, I’m only a research scientist/editor/designer, totally irresponsible positions. I never understand why right-wingers feel the need to malign the intelligence of those who disagree with them. Did you all learn somewhere that that was a valid argument? It isn’t.

    Comment by djcnor | February 26, 2009 | Reply

  4. Thanx for at least agreeing on that point.

    I beg to differ with you as far as Barack Hussein Obama’s appointees lack of corruption and I believe there is more to yet be uncovered.Their faults you say are MINOR and UNCONNECTED. I can’t believe that what amounts to possible bribery and/or “forgetting” to pay $146,000.00 in taxes or making a “tax mistake” for 4 years in a row totaling $34,000.00 in taxes (for the man who is now in charge of the IRS) is MINOR and UNCONNECTED in your mind. Wheredo you rank robbery, burglary and murder?

    We have not even touche don Holder and his Deputy Ogden as yet as being unfit for their respective positions.

    Name me six GWB cbinet/administrative staff appointee’s who were either booted, or indicted in the initial 30 days of the inauguration or confirmation for tax evasion/corruption.

    This is America not other countries. Unions had their place and we have outgrown it in almost every facet of industry and business. They are now their for their own enrichment not that of the employee. A worker sign on to work not get vacations, holidays and sick days at the expense of the company. Barack Hussein Obama is beholing to several large unions and thus I believe that plus Hilda Solis will contribute to the installation of the card check system and further decline in American industry along with increased prices.

    My information on how a business should oopearate comes from being an Executive Vice President who ran operations of a much smaller company than Oracle but still the largest in its well known filed in the Midwestern states. I had in excess of 130 employees and all were treated fairly and with respect. No union was needed and some were with me for more than 25 years.

    I did not demean you intelligence just how you arrived at your conclusions. I am able, from your second post to better understand where your position comes from. The key words you use are UNIONS and RIGHTWINGERS. They tell me the complete story.


    Comment by RightWingDog | February 27, 2009 | Reply

  5. Yes, minor and unconnected. For example, we all know that if you ask the IRS the same question six times, you can get six different answers. Given that, it’s not at all amazing that anyone could produce a return with a mistake, not to mention how often the person discovers it himself, calls it to the attention of the IRS, and fixes the problem.

    As for Bush corruption, I have to begin with his stealing both elections. Never mind denying it. Greg Palast has quite adequately documented both cases and the whole world knows. Actually, the world knowing that he really wasn’t chosen by the people is what preserved what was left of the world’s positive regard for the US at the end of his term. But being consciencious, I googled “Bush corruption” and got 4000000 results, but here’s a place they’re pretty much gathered in on place:


    not so much for you as for anyone else who wandered by this discussion.

    The US has to compete against other countries, both for sales and for employees, and as long as folks like me see that conditions are better elsewhere, we will be going elsewhere when we can. Not to mention that I don’t understand why you would wish your fellow Americans to be treated worse than their similar work colleagues elsewhere. Why is that? Do you consider them inferior workers?

    Better check the meaning of the word “asinine”. Yes, you did insult my intelligence.

    Comment by djcnor | February 27, 2009 | Reply

  6. RWD,
    Of course you did not hear any substance in BO’s speech, there was none! This character is all show without substance.

    His logic is that we got in this mess because George W. spent too much. His answer to getting out is to spend at least 3 times as much. He even said that over $600 Million in his budget was because G.W. did not spend enough.

    The best thing that could happen to education in this country would be for the Federal Government to get the hell out of it.

    Before starting my own business some 32 years ago, I worked as management in a few rather large companies. Never did we turn away an applicant out of fear that he may have health issues that would cost money!

    As for corruption in the Bush admin., there was none. The Liberals and their propaganda wing (mistakenly called the mainstream media) launched accusations at a new admin. target about every ten days. The constant hail of accusations led the ‘uneducated’ and ‘educated but stupid’ to believe there was corruption. However, with the exception of Scoter Libby (who was entrapped) there were no criminal charges or convictions. Clintons admen. had about 60.

    Obama is already the most destructive President in American history. He anti-Capitalist, anti-American, and a Marxist. We will be lucky to survive him.

    Comment by Watch Dog | February 27, 2009 | Reply

  7. djcnor:

    I asked for six instances and you infer there are 4 million! Puleese! All I want is six credible instances of a GWB staff administrator or cabinet member being booted of indicted. Your answer on the IRS coming up with different answers is most likely correct depending on who you speak with. However, in the case of both Geithner and Daschle they did not own up to their mistakes, as the Barack Hussein Obama people call them, until they were about to be appointed and the “mistakes” happened years before. In fact Geithner paid for two years worth and convienently forgot the other two years until six years later.

    I never said that I wanted to treat American workers worse than workers elsewhere. I said they came to work and be paid not to vacation etc. Maybe you would prefer they get a siesta time everyday and be paid 50 cents an hours as in Mexico or central America?

    It also would have been against the law for me to refuse employment to a qualifiued person based on gender, race, religion or disability/illness regardless of how it would effect the insurance plan.

    If you want to go elsewhere, that is your choice and here in America we still have that choice.

    Incidentally, I don’t have to look up the definition of “Asinine” as I know what it means and it does not insult your intelligence. It means foolish or silly and the word was directed toward your statement on Obama’s “imperfect employees” not toward your intelligence!


    Comment by rightwingdog | February 27, 2009 | Reply

  8. Watchdog,

    No, Obama says that Bush squandered huge amounts of money on things that provided no benefit to US citizens and left a lot of much needed work undone. Obama advocates spending vast amounts of money on projects that will pay off in benenfits for US citizens long term. That’s a huge difference.

    Is there even one advanced nation that does not have public education up through college besides the US? Up through high school? Name it.

    Did either of the companies you worked for actually cover all its workers with insurance? You have no idea how many good employees might have rejected your companies for lack of the insurance they needed. If you did provide coverage, did you have to compete against foreign companies that did not have that expense because universal healthcare took care of it?

    I’m not even going to bother with your contention that therre was no corruption in the Bush administration. It’s too absurb for anyone to believe including yourself.

    Comment by djcnor | February 27, 2009 | Reply

  9. Right Wing Dog,

    No, I’m not suggesting there were 4 million, though I would not be at all surprised. But neither am I going to search through those 4 million for the 6 worst when I’m talking about an administration that began by stealing its elections. Given that, anyone who agreed to work in that administration was already corrupt. I leave it to the third party reader to visit the site I referenced and to come to their own conclusion.

    As usual with right wingers, you jump immediately to the thrid world, suggesting that American workers should not expect to be treated as well as those in other first world nations such as all of Europe, even though they work for the same companies. By advocating the continuation of present practices, you advocate just that, their being treated worse than colleagues doing the same jobs in the same companies in other first world nations. Shame on you.

    Yes, those factors you mention are against the law as reasons for not choosing an employee, but those laws have had no bite what so ever as gutted by the Bush administration, and they do not cover things like a person who has just been diagnosed with a cancer that requires long term costly treatment or any number of other costly medical conditions that it is perfectly legal to refuse employment on. That classic “pre-existing condition” has kept many people out of work.

    Me, I’ve taken my Ph.D. and gone elsewhere for 7 of my 40 years since high school. We highly skilled folks do have that option and are taking it more and more as the US falls further and further behind other first world ountries.

    By the way, calling statements silly is no more a valid argument that calling a person such, if you insist on splitting hairs.

    Comment by djcnor | February 27, 2009 | Reply

  10. djcnor:

    You call me out for saying your points were foolish and yet have the gall to say I am not perfect and I should be ashamed of my positions.
    OK, then you are silly and out of touch with reality due completely to your anti-American beliefs which I believe are fostered by your disapproval of the RIGHT and your consumate hatered for GWB. This hatred has so clouded and boggled your mind that nothing will penetrate that hate and disgust.

    My company always had insurance available for ANY employee I hired that wanted it after a 60 day mandated waiting period. We did charge 1/2 the premium to the employee and there was a buffet of choices from Blue Cross, Vision, Dental and AFLAC’s myriad of plans. In addition we had a 401K plan, an ample vacation plan and six sick or personal paid days. I have no guilt about how I treated my people and I would, with an obvious few exceptions due toi cause, say that my employees would tell you I was great to work for and many would wish I would come out of retirement now. What you refer to as an employer not hiring due to a long term illness should really be placed on an insurance carrier that will not pick up pre-existing conditions although there are provisions for some of that in the law as well. I would hire them but BX may not cover them.

    I did not go to college, although it was my choicce at the time, I now wish that I had but alas the years have caught up with me. I did join the Marines and another thing I am proud of, in my 65 years I never was without a job and I never took public assistance of any kind from anyone. I made sure I gave to charity and not took from charity. I do not think that the country owes me anything and I believe that the give away programs we have in the United States are helping to destroy the country. Education past high school should not be free unless the student is exceptional and demonstrates it consistently and agrees to “give back” in some way to the country for supporting his/her education.

    The first paragraph in comment number nine really shows how shallow and nonsensicle your claims of corruption in the Bush years are. What you aspouse is not even possible let alone practical.


    Comment by RightWingDog | February 27, 2009 | Reply

  11. You called yourself less than perfect. I simply agreed.

    And I shamed you for jumping right past the nations the US should be comparing itself to and comparing the US to third world nations instead. I stand by it. It’s holding the US to a far lesser standard than it should be held to.

    I am not anti-American. I simply hold my country to the standards of other first world nations. I consider that pro-American.

    And yes, I do abhor the right and GWB in particular. I think I’m in the majority in the first case, at least for the moment, and in the second case, permanently.

    Yes, you do pretty well for a US company, but for those of us who travel or who work for corporations that have international offices and compare notes with our colleagues,this is what we see: One UK example. I know someone who works for AVIVA, an international insurance company, in customer service on a phone bank. He gets 25 vacation or personal days, 8 bank holidays, after 3 years service, 13 weeks of sick time at 100% salary, 13 weeks of sick time at 75% pay, 13 more weeks of sick time at “statutory pay”, corporate pension plan with 4% employee contribution and 12% company contribution along with stock shares awarded annually based on company performance. Imagine the comparative US employee of the very same company. Is it right that the US worker get so much less for the same work? What do you think most US employees would say if they all knew this? Mind you, the company still makes a profit in the UK.

    Even temps in the UK get 20 days paid holidays per year.

    Meanwhile, in the US, workers who have something that cannot go uncovered for those 60 days is stuck in whatever job he or she has.

    The thing is that the US competes with other countries that do provide free higher education and thus end up with better educated workforces. And the level of education of its people is what correlates most highly with the prosperity of a company.

    Now, back to post 9. You do not want to get into a debate on whether Bush’s elections were stolen or not. I have all the relevant references in a readily available file and will prove it to any third party following this discussion. But sure, go ahead if you want.

    Comment by djcnor | February 28, 2009 | Reply

  12. You simply made a comment I was far from perfect and you jumped on it with both feet. Enough said as I really care less.

    We don’t have to compare ourselves to any socialist nation. I used the wages of thrird world nation as an indication of difference. Please feel free to give me some examples of nations you compare the U.S. to that pay higher wages for a similar position.

    I disagree with the statement that you are in the majority now (RIGHT, only by a small margin and permanantly (GWB) the media made this and as time goies on the truth will out.

    I say let them move to the UK! We don’t need them here. BTW, quote some comparable wages for positions on UK and U.S. benefits excluded of course.

    Temps here could get paid days from the agency they work for not the company they are assigned to. However, in no way 20 paid holidays would be in order.

    They are only “stuck” if that is what they want to do. Why should an employer be penalized for that?

    I agree with the last sentence but not the first. Free higher education is socialism and who will pay for it?

    I was referencing that you would not be surprised that 4 million staff in GWB admisistration would have been booted or indicted and that anyone who agreed to work in that administration was already corrupt. I would not want to debate the merits of the election being stolen or not because I don’t believe it was and I have more important things to do than go back eith 9 yeras or 5 years to prove something that was accepted as GWB won. Enough said.


    Comment by rightwingdog | February 28, 2009 | Reply

  13. […] I heard Barack Hussein Obama until I was up to my ears in his “speaking without saying anything” and after about 45 minutes into the speech I had my fill. All the clapping and standing up and sitting down like a bunch of …Continue Reading… […]

    Pingback by Popular People » Blog Archive » Obama Speaks on 02/24/2009 and Says Nothing Once Again! « Right … | February 28, 2009 | Reply

  14. You: “I am far from perfect.”

    Me: “You’re right, you are less than perfect.”

    That’s jumping on it?

    But anyway, the US has to compare itself with all the nations it competes with, whatever their governmental style. That includes socialist and Euro-socialist nations.

    The example I gave was the UK, and the salary for that position was £14,000, about $21,000. But remember, the UK person doesn’t have any healthcare costs at all and doesn’t need to save up for his kid to go to college. He can also get by quite well without a car.

    You should remember that those who have the option of moving to other countries are among the most highly qualified and those in professions in highest demand. Ph.D.’s like me, and teachers and nurses and social workers for example.

    A person who cannot live without medical coverage for any length of time is indeed stuck in the job they have. There are any number of studies in the media documenting this.

    I wouldn’t want to debate the corruption in the Bush admin, partiularly the evidence of the stolen elections, if I were you either.

    Comment by djcnor | February 28, 2009 | Reply

  15. AT least I did admit I was not perfect and Yes I think it was as it was your opening – lets just forget it!

    I asked for wages exclusive of benefits. I feel fairly safe in saying compensation in the U.S. is greater and in many cases considerably so. The socialist UK example with socialized medicine is not what I was looking for as I am agaist socialized medicine – It does not work and it is in no way better than our system. We differ, you say that person is stuck and I say it’s that person’s choice!
    It is not that I think I would lose as I don’t believe that I would – it’s that it is OLD news and irrelevant IMHO.

    It has been interesting discussing with you.

    Take Care


    Comment by rightwingdog | March 1, 2009 | Reply

  16. That was wages exclusive of benefits.

    As for US healthcare versus that of other first world countries:

    “The US health care system ranks last among other major rich countries for quality, access and efficiency,”




    Comment by djcnor | March 1, 2009 | Reply

  17. RWD,
    You should know by now that these Kool-Aid drinking fools are not influenced by facts!

    Take a lead from Mark Liven; next message is “get out of here, you big dummy!”

    Comment by Watch Dog | March 2, 2009 | Reply

  18. WatchDog:

    I know that but I was “funnin'” with him.

    Back to the important stuff.

    Take care and thanx for posting on my blog!


    Comment by RightWingDog | March 2, 2009 | Reply

  19. Those WERE wages exclusive of benefits. Your assumptions are dead wrong. Sorry. Not to mention the things that UK worker doesn’t have to fund out of his take-home, like running a car, medical copayments and prescription charges, saving for higher education and paying back loams for it.

    As for socialized medicine, I’m wondering what measurement you would use of quality of care. How about the prevention of unnecessary deaths? Is that a good one?

    But, guess what, the US comes out on the bottom by that measurement.


    If you don’t want your system to be the best at that, you’re the one drinking silly koolaid.

    And yep, you’d lose, and I’m a she, to make it worse.

    Comment by djcnor | March 2, 2009 | Reply

  20. djcnor and RWD,
    Okay so “he” was an error! That had a 50/50 chance.

    Still far better than BO. His stimulus plan (actually it was written by Nasty Nancy Pelosibitch*) is omly 3% STIMULUS and 97% PORK! He cannot posibly live long enough at those dollars togt back to even 50/50.

    * A Commie should have a Commie sounding name! Don’t ya think?

    Comment by Watch Dog | March 3, 2009 | Reply

  21. RWD,
    This was just sent to my blog! You and your “thinking” readers will see the truth in it,.




    Comment by Watch Dog | March 3, 2009 | Reply

  22. Watchdog,

    Just because you say it’s pork doesn’t mean it is. Choose any project on the list and I will show how it is stimulus, not pork. I’ve answered this challenge any number of times already, but I’ll do it again.

    I note the lack of argument in response to my latest points. Guess no one wants to say that prevention of unnecessary deaths isn’t a valid measure of healthcare quality.

    Comment by djcnor | March 3, 2009 | Reply

  23. WatchDog:

    Good “Obama is my Shepherd” I will use it.



    Comment by RightWingDog | March 4, 2009 | Reply

  24. djcnor:

    Your idea of prevention of unnecessary deaths and my idea of same differ greatly.
    IF you think that allowing some liberal gevernment lackey employee to determine what treatments are medically necessary for an individual on the “universal healthcare plan” or Medicare as drawn up by the tax cheat Tom Daschle is a road to the prevention of unnecessary deaths I am more than appalled! My wife is a cancer patient who has gone through multiple surgeries and treatment and is now aaiting the start of chemo after an infection is cleared. The Oncologist says if chemo is not used she would not see Labor Day. Do you have any idea how many $100’s of thousands of dollars have been spent on her retaining life? If the plan that they ballyhoo as the best from Daschle is used she would be dead long ago. You are dispicable and so are all your damn liberal ass’ in our government!


    Comment by RightWingDog | March 4, 2009 | Reply

  25. So, RightWingDog,

    Can you explain how your idea of preventing unnecessary deaths differs from mine?

    Yes, I know how how expensive cancer treatment is. So expensive that in the US, you get it if you’re rich and you don’t if you’re poor. So expensive that about half of US bankfruptcies are due to large medical expenses.

    In the UK, they even reimburse travel expense and parking expenses which are significant when such a problem is treated. Try to imagine how much of your family’s stress would be relieved by having the financial stress of such continued treatment removed. You have no reason to believe your wife would be dead under another system. That “government lackey” making that decision would be a board consisting entirely of doctors and ordinary citizens, not a profit-making insurance company.

    I forgive you in your distressed and highly emotional state for calling me despicable. You are unjust in that, but such behavior is forgivable under extreme stress.

    Comment by djcnor | March 4, 2009 | Reply

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