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Barack Hussein Obama and Bill Ayers – another Proof of the Connection

I found the following in Steve Sailer’s Blog. However, this is only the first part and you can find the complete, extremely well done post at http://isteve.blogspot.com/2009/02/bill-gates-admits-hes-blown-2-billion.html

Bill Gates admits he’s blown $2 billion on Ayers Brothers small schools boondoggle
Bill Gates’s 2009 annual letter on what the Gates Foundation is up to says:

Nine years ago, the foundation decided to invest in helping to create better high schools, and we have made over $2 billion in grants. The goal was to give schools extra money for a period of time to make changes in the way they were organized (including reducing their size), in how the teachers worked, and in the curriculum. The hope was that after a few years they would operate at the same cost per student as before, but they would have become much more effective.

I don’t know the full history of the “small learning communities” fad, but one important proponent was Bill Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist and extremely distant acquaintance of President Obama (is that really true?), who set up the Small Schools Workshop in Chicago in 1991 with his sidekick, Mike Klonsky.

Ayers, with others, then put together a proposal that got $50 million (plus matching contributions) for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge out of Old Man Annenberg, a famous GOP donor. Barack Obama was recruited in 1995 to become Chairman of the Board of Ayers’s baby, which gave handouts to “community organizations” to help them relate to the Chicago public schools. Years later, a quantitative study found that the Obama-Ayers plan had done nothing for test scores (but it had done a lot for the Obama brand name among the activists who got the moolah).

Indeed, Ayers‘ Small Schools Workshop and Obama’s Chicago Annenberg Challenge had the same mailing address from 1995 to 1999: 115 S. Sangamon St., Third Floor. Whether Ayers’s Small Schools Workshop and Obama’s Chicago Annenberg Challenger operated out of the same office or whether they had separate offices across the hall from each other is unknown. Obama’s outfit gave over $1 million dollars to Ayer’s outfit, which presumably made things matey on the elevator each day.
What’s the relationship between Bill Ayers and the Gates Foundation? The first Google entry I came up with was a 2001 article entitled “Can ‘Small Schools’ Save Berkeley High?’ In it, a school administrator named Rick Ayers was quoted as saying:

“In the transition, we’re gonna have a half-million dollars from the feds and close to a million from the [Bill and Melinda] Gates Foundation–that’s what we’re asking for,” Ayers says. “But a million and a half isn’t a hell of a lot of money , and you don’t want to prop up a program on just that. But that money will put teachers into a position to lead these changes. We have to demonstrate that we can do the Small Learning Communities with the budget that we have. It isn’t just small schools; I wish it were.”

I said to myself, “I betcha Rick Ayers is Bill Ayers’s brother.”

Sure enough. Rick spent seven years on the lam from his days in the Weather Underground with his brother Bill and Bill’s wife fork-loving wife Bernardine Dohrn before serving ten days in jail. (Here’s a downright amorous 2001 profile of Rick Ayers and his small schools plan in the San Francisco Chronicle.)
It’s not totally clear whether Rick got in on the small schools racket from his brother’s example or vice-versa, but I would guess that Bill is the dominant personality among the Ayers siblings.

Rick Ayers long headed the small learning community within Berkeley called Community Arts & Sciences (CAS). The Berkely Daily Planet reports:

CAS students take on internships at hospitals, schools and other community institutions. They have traveled to foreign countries like Cuba and Mexico to learn about social justice. They participate in media literacy projects: the Berkeley High School Slang Dictionary, a class project where students contribute to an index of contemporary teen argot, is the most prominent example.

But the small schools experiment has not reached the heights Ayers hoped it would. Ayers and other small schools advocates are convinced the advantages of small schools can only be fully realized if all of Berkeley High is divided into small communities—which isn’t expected to happen anytime soon.

The Revolution has not failed. The Revolution has been betrayed. Only complete conquest by the Revolution will reveal the benefits of the Revolution.

The Gates Foundation grant of $1,000,000 to implement Rick Ayers’s plan to create four small schools within Berkeley High ran out in 2007. Apparently, it was not renewed. Math test scores in Rick Ayers’ CAS hit disastrously low levels by 2007.
What about Bill Ayers and Bill Gates?

I’ve found Bill’s Sancho Panza, Mike Klonsky, boasting/complaining that the Small Schools Workshop brought the Gates Foundation to both Chicago and Baltimore, along with a lot of kvetching about the Gates Foundation that makes it sound like Bill Gates never quite pulled the trigger and wrote a check to Bill Ayers (unlike the megabuck he gave to Rick Ayers).

This sure sounds like a RACKET to me and it FURTHER documents the close association of Bill “the Domestic Terorist” Ayers, his sadistic wife Bernadine “the Forker” Dohrn and Barack Hussein Obama. Was it not Barack Hussein Obama who once said “I hardly know Ayers, he is a guy who lived in the neighborhood”????


Thanks to Steve Sailer for the article he wrote!

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