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Obama’s Control on Congress is showing here!

The following quote from Druge.com shows that the Senate will vote and they did pass the so called stimulus package WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT THE FINAL DRAFT SAID! This shows the control the Obama exerts over the Congress and that Queen Nancy Pelosi (who is off to Rome to see the Pope for absolution no doubt) in the House is directing the show for Barack Hussein Obama along with Harry Reid in the Senate.

:”Dem Senator Predicts: None of His Colleagues ‘Will Have Chance’ to Read It…
Congressman: ‘We all cast our votes with one hand and crossed our fingers with the other’…

What the hell happend to reading a bill before you vote on it?
What the hell happened to posting it on the Congressional website for 48 hours before voting on it?
What the hell happened to Barack Hussein Obama’s pledge to post all legislation on his website for five days before voting on it?

Apparently what Barack Hussein Obama wants, Barack Hussein Obama gets!

What the hell did we get ourselves into with this crew?



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